Who Needs Roads?

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Not I, that’s for sure, and not Colin McRae either, it should be said. Appropriate, then, that the Codemasters McRae team have launched a teaser site for the upcoming game called Who Needs Roads? Sadly they’ve taken the tease concept a bit far, as there’s absolutely nothing to see but a few text boxes to enter in your e-mail address, surely enabling you to receive slightly soiled e-mails relating to the game at a later time.

In announcing this teaser over at the PS3Forums, Rich Tysoe, Codemasters’ “Community Guy” pointed out that, while some of the earlier screens of the game were renders, anything with either a tach or replay controls (like the above pic and all of these) are all in-game shots. Impressive


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  1. That’s one part of the thing that Codies always got right, the pictures before release. Now if only the game could live up to them.

  2. Yea, their promo screens always look much better than the actual game turns out to look like in motion. Almost fell for it with TOCA3, but not quite. And I dont think I will this time either. :s

    Great teaser btw heh, what’s with the camera?? :s

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