FlatOut vs. MotorStorm = M$ vs. $ony?

MotorStorm on PS3

Gosh, it seems a little friendly cross-platform rivalry is beginning between FlatOut developer Empire Interactive and MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios. FlatOut producer Danny Rawles was asked by CVG whether they were taking any cues from PS3-exclusive MotorStorm when working on Xbox 360-exclusive FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage. He was of the opinion that the PS3-exclusive future-franchise had actually taken a little…inspiration from their series, saying “Looking at some of their features, perhaps they’ve been influenced by FlatOut.’

FlatOut Carnage

While the visual styles and lots of the gameplay elements are different, I’d say he’s right. However, neither game is exactly pushing the boundaries of the racing genre…

Thanks to $e73n for the heads up…


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