A Taste of March 18

March 18 just happens to be my birthday, but more importantly it’s the date of the first race of the 2007 Formula One season and I’m guessing many of you are as eagerly looking forward that as I am. With that in mind here’s a YouTube encoded taste of some pre-season action to whet your whistle. Just a few weeks of waiting left.

Thanks to Ferg for the vid.


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  1. Wow, go Lewis Hamilton! And trust Jenson to be the only one caught on camera off the track. 😛 The black Honda’s look mean though!

    Still, nice birthday present for you I bet Tim. 😀

    I haven’t kept up with the rule changes this year, anyone know what will be different?

  2. The big thing is a freeze on all engine development, which lame according to a lot of people (myself included). They’ve also more or less done away with third drivers by forcing all teams to only run two cars. (They can still run a third driver, but only two cars, which kinda limits the usefulness.)


    I too am hoping for good things from Hamilton. It’ll be good to cheer for someone in Silver again 🙂 And yeah, those black Hondas are the business!

  3. Hmm, I dunno what to think about the engine development freeze myself. On the one hand it’ll definitely help the poorer teams (not that any of the teams are poor by anyones standards!), but it could end up holding back future developments in F1 overall.

    F1 has always been as much an engineering race as a drivers race, so I guess the engine freeze kinda negates half of F1s appeal!

    Possibly the only truly idiotic rule the FIA came out with was that non-tire changing thing! That was just crazy.. :s

  4. It’ll help them save money, but if they were down on power they’re now effectively stuck with that differential since they have to use the same engines. So, in terms of competitiveness, they’re no better off!

  5. Ah yes, that makes sense…hmm.. then there wont be any ‘homologation’ after all. 😛

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