TDU on PS2 Reviewed by Eurogamer

Test Drive Unlimited

The game is still a few weeks away, but the cheeky chaps at Eurogamer have managed to get their hands on an early copy and weigh in with a very positive review.

Test Drive Unlimited is very much a game for drivers, not racers. It’s for the sort of people who’ll happily spend twenty minutes in a pretend car showroom, taking each staggeringly sexy and expensive sports car for a spin before leaving empty-handed to enjoy the view on a coastal drive home. There’s a reason that the game clocks up points even when you’re just pootling down the street for a laugh. There’s a reason that the in-car view is almost as detailed as the exterior, allowing you to use the right stick to look around at the luxury of your leather-and-chrome cocoon – even while driving. And why else would you have the utterly pointless option to open and close the car windows, if not for another excuse to gaze around at the polished finish of your latest purchase and listen to the sound of traffic change while digital fresh air blows through your virtual hair? It’s a game for people who love looking at cars, love sitting in cars and – yes – love racing in cars.

This is sounding like a must buy for PS2-owning racing fans.


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