Flog a Lambo; Be Like Clarkson

Jeremy, that is. Top Gear fans undoubtedly were drooling over the Lamborghini LP640 that Mr. Clarkson flogged around the test track in the most recent episode. (You can watch the segment here and see it walk all over another VAG product, the MK5 VW GTI.) Thanks to the miracle of modding, you can get a taste of that car on your own.

A modder by the name of Rick M. has created a fictional LP840 for GTR2, adding an additional 200 hp and a luscious black paint job that does look the business. You can download that car here, and enjoy a nice video if it cruising around Brno above courtesy of Pekka Vallo over at RSC. Then, check out the prototype Top Gear Test Track for GTR2 as well at this link.

Now you’re just some odd camera angles and a pet bird away from having your own Top Gear Top Segment.


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