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Stuntman Ignition

Remember Stuntman, the Hollywood-themed Driver knockoff that hit PS2’s back in 2002? It was fun, but it was frustrating and, well, pardon me while I just quote my own review from way back when:

Stuntman is an intriguing concept for a game that’s just not fun to play in execution. There’s a great graphics and physics engine at work here, but driving around obeying every whim of some guy is not my idea of a good game. Part of what made the Driver series so much fun was the freedom to drive where you wanted to, to try to head to some side streets to get away from the fuzz, or drive on the sidewalk, anything you wanted. Here, it’s exactly the other way. You do what the director says, or you do it over again. Where’s the fun in that?

“Where’s the fun?” is an important question in any videogame, and hopefully it’s one that new developer Paradigm Studios and new publisher THQ can answer when they bring Stuntman Ignition to the PS3, Xbox 360, and PS2 sometime this summer. IGN has the scoop on the title which, it seems, will offer an intriguing multiplayer mode that sounds a little bit like an automotive version of H-O-R-S-E:

The online mode, playable with up to eight players, is where things start to get new and interesting. Here, you’ll be able to challenge other stuntmen and steal stunts from them in multiplayer arenas. With the included stunt construction toolkit, you’ll be able to plan out your own stunt runs and then take them online to see if anybody can meet your challenge.

Stunt construction toolkit? Sign me up.


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