Tons of New Formula One Championship Edition Screens

Formula One CE on PS3

A day ahead of the game shipping to US shores here are a whole slew of new shots courtesy of Sony. As you can see, this game is looking very, very good, though I must say the water on the lens effect is a little bit obtrusive. But, of course, the question is: will the reviews hold up to the graphics? All the big sites should weigh in with their opinions very shortly.

Formula One CE on PS3
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GripShift on PS3 Apparently Hacked

GripShift on PS3

As seen at Evil Avatar, a report on MAXCONSOLE is stating that the recent PlayStation Store download of GripShift has had its digital rights management code stripped by a team of hackers, meaning an illegal version of the game is now available for download for free that will, apparently, work on any PS3. I don’t encourage this sort of thing so if you’re looking for more info than that you’ll have to let your Googles do the talking, but it’s certainly not good news if illicit downloads of PS Store titles are already showing up online, while Xbox 360 and Wii downloadable games have still yet to be hacked.

GT HD Confirmed for Euro PS3 Launch

GT HD For Free

As if there were ever any doubt, Sony has confirmed that the GT HD American and Japanese gamers have been enjoying since before the new year will be available at launch on the European side of the PlayStation Store. Like the earlier versions this will include a single track, the Eiger Nordwand, playable in both directions, as well as a handful of tasty cars in both stock and modified trim (full list here).

PLAYSTATION®Network is the vast network that connects PS3 owners to a world of online gaming and downloadable content, and Gran Turismo HD Concept will be amongst its first offerings. A playable one-track glimpse of the next stage in the iconic motoring title’s evolution, Gran Turismo HD Concept is available as a free download for PS3 owners from PLAYSTATION®Store (PS Store), PLAYSTATION®Network’s download site.

What remains to be seen is whether European gamers will get to experience the earlier evolutions of the Gran Turismo franchise, thanks to the revelation that Euro PS3’s will not be quite as capable as the current American and Japanese ones when it comes to backwards compatibility. The answer to that question, unfortunately, will have to wait until March.

International First Party PS3 Prices Announced

Sony has revealed how much launch titles like MotorStorm and Formula One: Championship Edition will retail for when they hit European retailers in March. Depending on whether you live in the UK, the EU, Australia, or New Zealand you can expect to pay €59.99, £39.99, AUD 99.95, and NZ 109.95 respectively. For those who don’t live in any of those regions, these prices re pretty well inline with what Xbox 360 titles typically sell for at online retailers, though less than the official retail price of £49.99.

Listen, to the Sound of Burnout


Kotaku has the scoop on the formal announcement of the soundtrack for the upcoming PS2 and PSP Burnout: Dominator release. The game, due in most territories in just a week or two, will have your typical EA star-studded lineup of tracks from performers ranging from “Would?” by early 90’s aggro-grunge Alice in Chains to “Chelsea Dagger” by current iPod commercial darlings The Fratellis. You can get the full listing over at Kotaku.

Absent is any mention of the Burnout Band Slam, so it seems safe to assume the winner there will be featured in Burnout 5.

Sim Touring Car Cup: Round 6

STCC Round 6 has been completed and the video is above for you to enjoy (also available in higher quality at the official site). Making this event interesting is that a few drivers’ aids have been banned, including auto-blipping and auto-lifting, meaning competitors from this point onwards have to manually rev-match the engine when up- or down-shifting, lest they suffer engine and tranny damage. This round takes place at Blackwood and, as always, is a great watch.

RACE 07 Announced


It seems when SimBin added the prefix RACE to their WTCC game, they weren’t just adding some sort of base-level indication of what you do in the game. They’re building a franchise here, and with that in mind get ready for RACE 07. As seen at SimHQ, they’ve made the announcement at Race Sim Central, describing how the game will still feature the WTCC, including all cars, tracks, and drivers in the 2006 and 2007 seasons. However, it will also include Formula 3000, Formula BMW, and two Radical models: the SR3 and SR4.

That is quite an impressive and diverse lineup it must be said, adding a lot of value to the previous RACE game which didn’t exactly feature the most popular form of motorsport in the world. Whatever that form is it must be said that RACE 07 won’t feature it either, but with such a spread of minor series like this, it should capture the hearts of many simmers.

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