DiRT, DiRT, and More DiRT


The in-game trailer of DiRT hit the Xbox Live Marketplace yesterday afternoon, and as reader Emperor Luigi deftly discovered, it hit YouTube within a few hours, so those of you without an Xbox certainly weren’t left out of the loop for long. That YouTube version follows this post, but if you’d like to see it in high-definition, head on over to this report at Team Xbox.

Additionally, Strategy Informer has a batch screenshots to share of the game (as seen at Evil Avatar), some old and some new, like the above in-car shot that shows some very impressive foliage. The screens look good, perhaps not quite as polished as some of the earlier ones, but good nonetheless.

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Making Of Formula One Championship Edition

Formula One CE on PS3

GameVideos.com brings us this little making of video for Sony’s Formula One Championship Edition, one of the flagship titles in the PS3’s library at this point, though seemingly not one of its biggest sellers. The eight-minute film will give fans a bit of a glimpse behind the scenes, and, just like the game, the video is all wrapped in brash music and fancy graphics. Oooo…

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GameSpot Reviews TDU on PC

TDU on PS2

It was of course a very fun racer on the 360 and has faired fairly well on the PS2 and PSP. Now it’s time for GameSpot to tell us how it shapes up on the PC:

Late last year, Atari and developer Eden Studios released Test Drive Unlimited for the Xbox 360. Purportedly the first “massively open online racing” game, Unlimited provided you with a wide-open setting (the Hawaiian island of Oahu), a myriad of slick rides, tons of different races to take part in, and an online mode that actually let you occupy the same basic driving space as other online players and challenge them in competition. Not everything the game did on the 360 worked brilliantly, but it was an inventive and unique piece of technology that was impressive in its own right. Now the game has come to the PC, and for all intents and purposes, this version is nearly identical to the 360 game. It’s a little rougher around the edges than its 360 counterpart, but if you never played the 360 version and think the idea of racing around Hawaii while bumping up against other online players sounds like fun, this version’s worth a look.

First In-Game DiRT Trailer Coming Today

Colin McRae's DIRT

Yesterday’s pre-rendered footage was nice, but if you’re like most people you want to see what the game itself looks like while playing. If you have an Xbox 360 and a broadband connection, you’ll get to find out today, as a new trailer is slated to hit Xbox Live Marketplace sometime before this evening. Surely it’ll hit the internets for all to see in the not too distant future, but for now it’ll just be there.

DiRT Trailer Released

Colin McRae DIRT

Courtesy of IGN we have the heart-pumping intro to the upcoming DiRT below. This (sadly not real-time) video gives us a taste of Pike’s Peak, a bit of Baja-style racing, and then some traditional rally stage action (and carnage). No, it still doesn’t give us an idea of what the game will look like in motion without the pre-rendered heroics, but it’s surely worth watching nonetheless.

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Panoz Esperante Coming Soon to rFactor

Panoz Esperante

Word comes via rFactor Central of the release of a new car for rFactor. That’s not exactly a very uncommon occurrence, but this isn’t your average “Challenge”-style mod; this one is officially licensed and coming directly from ISI and Panoz. In other words, quality and accuracy are pretty much guaranteed. Now before you get your hopes up too much, the car is available now, but only for folks who are Race2Play members. Everyone else will have to wait until April 17.

The American-made Esperante will be offered in four flavors ranging from base street car all the way up to the GTR-1, meaning just about every Panoz fan whether they dig the street car, ALMS, or FIA-GT versions should be happy with this add-on. You can read more at the Race2Play website and eventually make with the downloading at the official rFactor page.

New WipEout for PSP

WipEout Pulse

Pro-G has the scoop on a new WipEout entry coming to PSP. Called WipEout Pulse, the game will include 24 new tracks, eight teams, a training mode for the newbies, and a new track surface that should enable those new tracks to be even more of a roller coaster ride than we’ve seen before. The Mag-Strip will, as you might expect, act like a magnet, sucking your ship to the surface and keeping it from falling off, canceling gravity and effectively meaning those crazy vertical sections of track we’ve seen in earlier games will get even bigger and longer. With online play being added into the mix, this should be a fun one when it hits PSP this September.

PS3 European Launch A Success

Despite many who would equate to a relative excess of consoles at a launch to a lack of demand, it seems Sony has had the last laugh, selling 165,000 units in the launch weekend according to Eurogamer. This makes it the biggest opening weekend for a console yet, beating the Wii’s 105,000 and the 360’s 70,000. (How many they would have sold between last November and now if they had launched on time remains to be seen, of course.) Eurogamer is also reporting that PS3 software sales took the number one and two spots on the sales charts, with Resistance: Fall of Man taking the lead, MotorStorm behind in second.

Now, finally, the console war (if there will really be one this time ’round) really begins in earnest and we can see who will come out on top. With speculation that the Wii has already sold five million units
in just a few months, it may be that it’s already over.

Official Codemasters DiRT Website Launched

Colin McRae's DIRT

A few weeks back we brought news of a teaser for Codemasters upcoming DiRT game called simply Who Needs Roads? Back then tease was the word as the game didn’t offer much of anything with substance, but it’s live now and there’s a good bit more to be found. The site offers a plethora of screenshots, info, and a fun little interactive rally photo game where you can watch a car zip over a stage from various perspectives and try to nab it on film. Check it out for yourself (warning: long load times ahead) then head on over to the Official Site to oogle some more in-game shots.