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MotorStorm on PS3

We’re less than a week away from this one hitting American store shelves and what appears to be the first online review of the US release has hit the internets. IGN‘s has posted up a generally positive though not quite ecstatic 8.9 review, praising it for being fun, but, echoing earlier sentiments regarding the Japanese release, knock it for lacking content:

One of the best design choices that Evolution Studios made with MotorStorm’s development was to make each and every track very punishing for the racers. If you’re not careful, you’ll crash into wall after wall or repeatedly plunge to your death. This helps ensure that the game will be as chaotic as possible, with the computer racers crashing just as often as you do. The harder you have the gas pedal slammed on the floor, the more afraid of destroying your ride you need to be.

While the tracks are excellently designed, the game’s biggest drawback is that there simply aren’t enough of them. With fewer than ten tracks at your disposal, you’ll quickly find that you’re taking part in the same races over and over again. The tracks were designed in a forward manner, so you aren’t able to race any of them in reverse, further limiting the variety. Again, there are a whole lot of different paths and such to take in each track, but the overall count leaves a lot to be desired.

It looks like this is unfortunately shaping up to be yet another next-gen 8/10 release.


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