Official Codemasters DiRT Website Launched

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A few weeks back we brought news of a teaser for Codemasters upcoming DiRT game called simply Who Needs Roads? Back then tease was the word as the game didn’t offer much of anything with substance, but it’s live now and there’s a good bit more to be found. The site offers a plethora of screenshots, info, and a fun little interactive rally photo game where you can watch a car zip over a stage from various perspectives and try to nab it on film. Check it out for yourself (warning: long load times ahead) then head on over to the Official Site to oogle some more in-game shots.


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  1. This made my day. A post on the official forums by the admin RTF:

    “the single point physics model of the old games is firmly a thing of the past.”

    Also, Lotus Elise offroad? I’m in.

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