PS3 European Launch A Success

Despite many who would equate to a relative excess of consoles at a launch to a lack of demand, it seems Sony has had the last laugh, selling 165,000 units in the launch weekend according to Eurogamer. This makes it the biggest opening weekend for a console yet, beating the Wii’s 105,000 and the 360’s 70,000. (How many they would have sold between last November and now if they had launched on time remains to be seen, of course.) Eurogamer is also reporting that PS3 software sales took the number one and two spots on the sales charts, with Resistance: Fall of Man taking the lead, MotorStorm behind in second.

Now, finally, the console war (if there will really be one this time ’round) really begins in earnest and we can see who will come out on top. With speculation that the Wii has already sold five million units
in just a few months, it may be that it’s already over.


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