Panoz Esperante Coming Soon to rFactor

Panoz Esperante

Word comes via rFactor Central of the release of a new car for rFactor. That’s not exactly a very uncommon occurrence, but this isn’t your average “Challenge”-style mod; this one is officially licensed and coming directly from ISI and Panoz. In other words, quality and accuracy are pretty much guaranteed. Now before you get your hopes up too much, the car is available now, but only for folks who are Race2Play members. Everyone else will have to wait until April 17.

The American-made Esperante will be offered in four flavors ranging from base street car all the way up to the GTR-1, meaning just about every Panoz fan whether they dig the street car, ALMS, or FIA-GT versions should be happy with this add-on. You can read more at the Race2Play website and eventually make with the downloading at the official rFactor page.


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