GameSpot Reviews TDU on PC

TDU on PS2

It was of course a very fun racer on the 360 and has faired fairly well on the PS2 and PSP. Now it’s time for GameSpot to tell us how it shapes up on the PC:

Late last year, Atari and developer Eden Studios released Test Drive Unlimited for the Xbox 360. Purportedly the first “massively open online racing” game, Unlimited provided you with a wide-open setting (the Hawaiian island of Oahu), a myriad of slick rides, tons of different races to take part in, and an online mode that actually let you occupy the same basic driving space as other online players and challenge them in competition. Not everything the game did on the 360 worked brilliantly, but it was an inventive and unique piece of technology that was impressive in its own right. Now the game has come to the PC, and for all intents and purposes, this version is nearly identical to the 360 game. It’s a little rougher around the edges than its 360 counterpart, but if you never played the 360 version and think the idea of racing around Hawaii while bumping up against other online players sounds like fun, this version’s worth a look.


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