Juiced Passes on Wii

Hot Import Nights

In an interview with Eurogamer, the project lead of Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Richard Badger derides other companies and their Wii-too port-happy business tactics of bringing games to the Wii without doing anything to make them really fit on the platform.

If I was doing a Juiced on the Wii, I would look at what the Wii’s all about…I don’t want to play Need for Speed: Carbon on the Wii, though I’ll happily play it on PS3 or 360. For the Wii version, I’d want something different.

That’s all well and good, and I’m sure many gamers agree, but how about delivering something that does take advantage of the Wii instead of just insulting those who go the cheap port route?

Stree Legal Racing: Redline Patched

A Russian patch for the three+ year old PC racer has been released, bringing it up to version 2.3.0 and adding in a number of humorously auto-translated fixes and improvements, including one that pledges to move the “regime of time dilation” to the Enter key (presumably changing the way you accelerate time), another that adds “possibility the frost of time,” along with some less mystical sounding improvements like a 20% performance increase on some machines and increased graphics performance.

You can download the patch here, though you’d be well advised to read the thread at Race Sim Central before installing, as it isn’t quite that simple.

Digital Displacement Turns One


One year ago today a new blog was born. Now, 1,215 posts later (oops…make that 1,216), the site has grown quite a bit to include features, reviews, and most importantly your comments. That entire first week in March of 2006 the site managed a whopping 127 page views; now 1,500 in a day isn’t uncommon. Many thanks for your continued views and comments, and of course your opinions are what help make this site continue to improve, so if there’s anything we could be doing better, please share.

And, on the note of growing, we continue to look for new contributors. If you keep up on gaming news and would like to make a few odd posts here and there, or have a desire to write up reviews of new racers, preview upcoming mods, or even share recaps of great online league championships, we’d love to hear from you.

Bus Driver Now Downloadable

Bus Driver on PC

Remember Bus Driver, the game we speculated might be the most boring driving sim ever? Well, developer (and self-publisher) SCS Software, the folks behind 18 Wheels of Steel, have announced the game is now available via digital distribution. It features a single large city with 12 different buses to drive over 30 routes and…yeah. That’s about it. You can get the game at the SCS Website, and make all your timetable dreams come true.

Japanese Forza Motorsport 2 Carlist Revealed

Forza Motorsport 2

We’re nearly in possession of the entire Forza Motorsport 2 car list, with just tuner cars being revealed in two weeks, then purebred race cars after that. This week, though, it’s the Asian marques, dominated by the big Japanese players (Honda, Toyota, Nissan, etc.), with some lesser known cars in the mix as well , like the Korean Proto Motors Spirra, capable (in theory) of going 0-100km/h in a quite respectable 4.4 seconds.

Forza Motorsport 2
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DIRT Loses McRae, Gains CORR


Codemasters made a bit of an odd announcement yesterday: the new DIRT title will be an official entry in the McRae series, but will lose the McRae name. This is probably a reaction to the iconic driver’s beginning fade into obscurity, and it’s a shame to see, but being a gaming blog we’ll keep a stiff upper lip and move on to talk about what else they announced.

DIRT will also feature the American-based CORR series, a highly popular (in certain circles) off-road racing series that brings Baja-style trucks and buggies to circuits riddled with jumps and obstacles and, well, plenty of dirt. The game will add that to the already announced rallycross action to deliver something that the McRae series has typically lacked: wheel to wheel action. Rally fans of course are generally quite happy to race against the clock, but many others would prefer to have some more direct competition.

Finally, the game has been given an official release date of June for the Xbox 360 and PC, with a PS3 release “shortly thereafter.” We can’t wait to get dirty.


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MotorStorm Gets a Friends List

MotorStorm on PS3

Yes, sadly, this is news. IGN is reporting that Sony will be releasing a patch for MotorStorm tomorrow that will enable you to replace your current system of keeping track of in-game friends (typically a scrap of paper and a well-chewed pencil) with a somewhat more integrated one: a “Buddies” entry in the in-game menus that you can access to directly connect to them. You’ll also, by the sounds, be able to set up races in which only buddies (or buddies of buddies) can enter.

Shouldn’t this sort of thing be standard fare these days?

Be the Wheelman in Codemasters’ Hei$t

Eurogamer has the scoop on a new franchise just announced by Codemasters called Hei$t. Like Driv3r, the game falls into the l33t spelling trap and so instantly loses some credibility, but also like Driv3r it will put you in the role of the wheelman; the guy responsible for getting everyone safely from the heist to the safehouse. But, you’ll also be tasked with setting up the jobs themselves which, if all goes well with game development, should have a very Hollywood feel to them:

Getting in, controlling the people in the bank, blowing the safe, and getting out with bags full of cash and all the gold bars you can carry is amazing fun. We’re going after that Tarantino or Dog Day Afternoon vibe, realistic but cool as hell with it.

You can read more and check out a few screens at Eurogamer.