Hands On with FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage

GameSpot has had the opportunity to spend a little time with upcoming Xbox 360 smash-up racer FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage, due in the US and Europe later this summer. Without a doubt, they like what they see.

The main body of content in FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage is basically the same as in FlatOut 2, although it looks a little different. You jump in one of more than 40 different cars, and then try and win races, not just by being the fastest on the track, but by smashing up the opposition as well. You’re also rewarded for driving on the edge and receive a boost bonus for power slides and other risky manoeuvres. However, anybody who played the old game will still find plenty that’s new this time around, with some fantastic visuals, a couple of new vehicles, and a raft of new gameplay modes included.

There are now 12 cars in every race, each containing around 25,000 polygons, along with 40 distinct deformable panels, which deteriorate throughout each race as you collide with objects or other cars. The effects feel more dynamic than in the previous game, and while you can fail to finish a race if your car is completely destroyed, your ride will take quite a beating before that happens.

To read the rest and check out their 360-degree screenshot head on over to GameSpot.


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