New, High-Impact Need for Speed Coming

Need for Speed

EA has sent us the following new teaser trailer which shows a rather busted looking RX-7, complete with paint scrapes, dented fenders, and interestingly stitched up bodywork. This look doesn’t really seem to fit with the glam-worthy polished cars seen in the Underground or Carbon series, so it looks like we might just have another postfix to add to the Need for Speed brand soon. Unfortunately that’s all we have to report right now, but we should have more details on May 31. You can count the minutes at


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  1. Great another failure coming,i can see it now,hopefully they will fix the chat screen so u can actualy chat?
    And the teaser, gimme a break,2 crash scene’s?,come u can do better than that!!!

  2. EA’s entire racing platform has been broken since the good old days of HP2. They need to get back to what made them great and quit churning out these eye candy spam racers that leave the online gaming community out in the cold. There are too many things broken to list here and after the last 3 game releases EA has ignored them anyway. If you want them fixed… QUIT BUYING THEIR SPAM!… then maybe they will listen when revenues dry up.

  3. HP2 was a great online gaming expierence, when Underground came out i thought it was gonna be the same…I was dead wrong…and it only got worse. I wonder if EA has finally realized that the looks of the game don’t constitute a good game. Make it a great online expierence and i’ll think about buying this one…but most likely it’ll be the 5th failure in a row.

  4. hot pursuit 2 was the best nfs or even racing game ever. i hope ea goes back old school

  5. It looks nice Again Like carbon teasers but i just hope this game will NOT BE SHORT AND LIKE CARBON i was so disappointed with carbon…! In this High Impact Trailer looks like its not cartoonish perhaps its like mostwanted or something, story line will def be different but the game play must NOT be like cabon or any other nfs game they should add many things in it to make it look different than carbon and underground , any way lets hope for the best , i wonder how will be the achievements EA makes disgusting achievements

  6. wa imta takhraj had la3ba wa amaradtouna wa tfou ……hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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