DiRT Pre-Order Deals, and a Preview

Colin McRae's DIRT

Word comes from Gaming Nexus that Codemasters is going the route of offering some incentives for those who would pre-order, something we find to be much more appealing than an overpriced “Collectors” Edition. Anyone who plunks down cash ahead of the game’s release date will get a code to unlock 10 cars from the start (cars you’d otherwise have to discover through the course of the game) as well as some videos of Travis Pastrana in action. It’s not a huge incentive given you can unlock the cars anyway, but considering included in that 10 are the Subaru Impreza WRX-RA STI version II, the Toyota Celica GT-FOUR, and the Lancia Delta S4, it’s a pretty good package.

Also, IGN’s Aussie wing has posted up a new preview of the game, in which they explore the game’s various gameplay modes, including Rally Raid, which we’ve not heard too much about before now:

Things start to get a bit interesting in the Rally Raid mode. It’s fairly similar to the CORR races, but instead of racing in stadium style environments with buggies, you’ll be shredding up tracks in the bush. They’re not the longest tracks, clocking in at around two to three minutes each, but you’ll often have to battle the other cars for up to five laps. These cars have a couple of unique styles of cars. There’s the mini-SUV-like beasties, which grip to the road like a fly to turd. Then there are the racing trucks, who have a propensity to roll at the merest sign of a corner, and have the acceleration of a turtle on roids.


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