Creativity in Forza 2

Forza Motorsport 2

Creativity isn’t necessarily something that you expect from a racing game, particularly one that fits into the generally formulaic Gran Turismo mold like Forza Motorsport. But, the inclusion of a custom livery maker in the original Forza led many talented gamers to spend hours crafting custom paintjobs. They’re already at it in Forza 2, and as you can see from just a few of my favorite examples here, they results of the new and improved livery editor are quite impressive.

Forza Motorsport 2

You can see a whole raft of custom paintjobs at this forum thread, and another here, and many of them can be found for sale through the game’s marketplace auctions. Just keep in mind that once these paintjobs are created their can be quickly re-applied to another car by the creator, so even if you pay a ton for it at auction you may not be the only one driving around in a Power Puff Girls Eclipse.

Forza Motorsport 2

Oh, and one last thing. Be careful what you put on your cars. If you’re caught racing online with pornographic, profane, or otherwise distasteful paint jobs you may just lose your Xbox Live account



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  1. yeah Dont do this dont do that or u will be baned or lose ur live account I AM FED UP OF THIS BULL SHIT , anyway we know how to play, and what are the terms of condition , ohh One thing More ” SHUT UP “

  2. lmfao this is so sad… forza is promoting people to rice their cars… that’s so freaking sad. i bet all of those 11 year olds on live which is the majority of xbl players are probably thinking “omfgzz this is sooo co0l, i wonder if they letz us put big heavy spoilers, broken mufflarz, and chrome rims in our carrzz tooo, oooh godddzzz i’m jizzing enough alreaddzyyy wit this stickarzzz in my carsss, i’m going to put nos sticker evne though i don’t have one in my car yetzz..”


  3. Rice their cars? This is professional tuning, not the fake stuff you see in NFS Carbon or Juiced. Ever heard of Nismo, AMG, Alpina and the sort? They all “tune” cars to have more downforce, more power and go faster. Ruf also comes to mind, as well as many others.

    Oh well, guess not many people know about cars and such…

  4. Ummmm… wha?

    You will get banned for offensive paint jobs? Ok. So, what if your gamer tag is set to Underground where “anything goes” according to Microsoft? I might put a huge pair of knockers on my GTI (wish it was the A3!!! See my link) just to piss them off.

    If I get banned, I will turn my $50/year cost into a $500,000 profit because my constitutional rights have been violated.

    As for the ‘rice’. No… there is no rice in this game. Rice is essentially a fake thug, worthless, living at home loser who thinks he ‘growed up in da hood yo’ even though his family income exceeds $150K/year… drives a Honda from the mid 90’s and thinks he’s the man because he poked wholes in his catalytic converter.

    What’s done to the cars in Forza is professional tuning as Sandok stated.

  5. “If I get banned, I will turn my $50/year cost into a $500,000 profit because my constitutional rights have been violated.”

    You need to do a little better review of what constituents a violation of your constitutional rights. I’ll give you a hint, this isn’t one.

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