Two Free Tracks for PSP Burnout Dominator

Burnout Dominator

EA has announced the availability of one new track for the PSP version of Burnout Dominator, with a second coming in about a week on June 7. The first, Carnival Point (pictured here), is an unnamed South American city that is an unofficial take on Rio De Janiero (if the Brazilian flag and name didn’t clue you in). The second is called Red Gate and takes place in a (presumably Russian) Eastern European city. Both are free, and both can be downloaded via in-game menus or from various websites ( if you’re in Europe or for Americans).

Burnout Dominator
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New GTA IV Screens


It’s not a racing game per se, but there will surely be plenty of spirited driving featured in Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV, the first major update to the series since 2001’s GTA III. It’s impressive (or ominous) that they’ve not really shown much of anything about the game yet, despite its planned release date this fall. Gaming Nexus has a few screens of the game, though, which should pique your interest if you’re a fan, like the above, which shows a generic American-looking sedan cruising down some busy NYC streets.

We’re Back

Memorial Day

It was a busy (and wet) long weekend in the racing world, and it was a relaxing one for the staff of Digital Displacement, taking a few days off to celebrate Memorial Day here in the US. Now, let’s get back to the news.

DiRT Demo Tomorrow


Loved the look of what we’ve seen so far of DiRT, but still want to know how it’s going to feel? You are in luck, because according to (who apparently snagged an interview with the dev team), there’s a playable demo hitting Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow. According to Producer Alex Grimbley, it should keep you busy for quite awhile:

We think the demo is really going to wow a lot of people. It’ll have a Super Stage crossover rally with Colin as your opponent, it’s got buggy racing against 9 opponents which is absolute carnage and really shows off the car models, and then we have a hill climb with fantastic scenery and a Travis Pastrana time to beat. It’s a great little package and it’s out on May 24.

Sadly, no word on when, or if, a PC demo will be coming. But, we hope it’ll be soon.

UPDATE: According to IGN the PC demo is coming tomorrow as well.

Thanks to 303WRX for the heads up

Check out SBK 07 This Weekend

SBK 07

If you’re a bike fan and a gamer and live anywhere near Donington Park, you’ll want to head on out to BikefestUK. There you’ll get to see no shortage of hooligans doing crazy things on two wheels, and will also, apparently, be able to get your hands on the recently released SBK 07 PS2 version, as well as the upcoming PSP version, hitting stores next month.

BikeFest UK will be a phenomenal mix of track action and full-on British Superbike testing sessions from Rizla Suzuki. There’ll also be the chance to ride a host of manufacturers’ new bikes on the track and on the road. It’s not all road-bike action either. You can ride a new Aprilia or Suzuki on the off-road course, have a go at mini-moto, ride a trials bike, watch the Vertical Brits’ amazing stunt display, see riders defy gravity in the ‘Globe of Death’, and get your bike dyno’d – for free. There’s even a massive retail zone full of all the latest kit and tuning parts, so you can grab a bargain on the day.

Sounds like a cracking time.

Mad Tracks Finally Coming to Xbox Live Marketplace

Mad Tracks

It seems like ages and ages since we reported that the Xbox Live Marketplace release of Mad Tracks was being delayed to make room for some online multiplayer, and now we can finally say that the game “will be available soon to millions players around the globe” according to a press release from developer Load Inc. The game, which is a bit of a mix between Micro Machines TrackMania, looks like it should be tons of fun and well worth the 800 points ($9.95 here in the US) when it launches…”soon.”

Did we mention the Xbox 360 release will be Starforce free?

Third Time the Charm for PS3 PGR Advertising?

PGR on PS3, Again

Courtesy of Kotaku and Xbox Team Portugal comes the above picture, which amazingly shows a picture of Project Gotham Racing used in association with a Sony product. It’s amazing because this is not the first time, nor the second, but the third that this has happened. Just last week Sony and Kia whipped up an ad featuring a picture of PGR3 to advertise a competition they were running. Before that it was an image of PGR3 showing up on Sony’s own PSP portal to advertise the newly release GT HD demo.

Now, this latest one can’t be blamed on Sony, as it comes from a PS3 article in a Dutch gaming magazine. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t shake our head in wonderment at this whole situation. The folks at Bizarre, developers of the game, must be loving all this free advertisement, especially as they start to warm up the hype machine for Project Gotham Racing 4.

European Street Racer in Sept.

European Street Racer

If you’re European and have felt largely left out of the generally American and Japanese street racing videogame craze, your time is coming. Called European Street Racer, it pledges to “test your driving skills and race through the streets of seven of Europe’s principal cities including Moscow, Warsaw, London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin and Hamburg.” You’ll be doing so in a suite of 12 cars that look awfully familiar, but have been obfuscated in some way to keep the lawyers away. Additionally, online play will be supported, so you can terrorize virtual pedestrians with a friend.

The game will be hitting the real European streets in September for the budget price of £19.99, which sounds about right.

European Street Racer
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New, High-Impact Need for Speed Coming

Need for Speed

EA has sent us the following new teaser trailer which shows a rather busted looking RX-7, complete with paint scrapes, dented fenders, and interestingly stitched up bodywork. This look doesn’t really seem to fit with the glam-worthy polished cars seen in the Underground or Carbon series, so it looks like we might just have another postfix to add to the Need for Speed brand soon. Unfortunately that’s all we have to report right now, but we should have more details on May 31. You can count the minutes at

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