A Look Ahead to E3 2007


This year’s E3 expo is going to be…different. Last year the site brought you plenty of coverage of lots of big happenings at E3. This year it’s been moved from the monstrous LA Convention Center and spread over half of Santa Monica, plus the attendance has been cut to about 10% of what it was previously. But, Digital Displacement will be there again to bring you coverage of…well…whatever there is to see.

IGN has compiled a big list of E3 games as they do most years, and while this year that list is shorter than previous years, there are still some highlights worth checking out:

  • Capcom
  • MotoGP ’07
  • Codemasters
  • DiRT
  • Race Driver: Create & Race
  • Electronic Arts
  • NFS: ProStreet
  • Warner Bros
  • FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

Fortunately or unfortunately, many of these games (like DiRT and FlatOut) will actually hit store shelves before the show even begins…so perhaps we won’t be hitting the 30-something posts we got out of the show last year. Time will tell.


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