NFS: ProStreet to Feature Complete Damage

Need for Speed: ProStreet

As seen at Voodoo Extreme, the guys at Game Informer magazine sat down with John Doyle, a producer on the upcoming ProStreet, about his hopes for the game and how it differs from Carbon. It seems the game will feature something that’s a bit of a rarity among games with licensed cars: the ability to completely wreck them and to roll them onto their roofs.

GI: What you showed us of this game, you’re doing a lot more damage than seems to have been done before. How is that working with car manufacturers? In the past a lot of the car manufacturers—if you’re using a real car, they obviously don’t want to see their cars damaged.

Doyle: The manufacturers have actually been fantastic. We have a strong relationship that we’ve been working for on a lot of years with the Need For Speed games. Every manufacturer in the game has completely signed off on full customization and full damage to their cars, including flipping them, rolling them and totaling them. We’re excited by it. It’s a lot of work to make sure that everyone’s on board and everyone’s OK with it. It’s a lot of travel to a lot of corporate offices, but everyone’s on board and we think it’s going to be pretty cool.

If the now common inclusion of damage is anything to go by, it usually only takes one or two games to start a trend and all the others are quick to follow, so maybe in Forza Motorsport 3 we’ll finally have cars that suffer a bit of frame damage when the hit the wall at 150mph, or roll over when they get spun sideways. Still, whether or not it’ll make this game worth playing remains to be seen.


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