Project Torque Brings Free Online Racing

Project Torque

As fans of displacement we’re naturally also fans of torque, so when a game was announced called Project Torque our ears perked up. Coming from the developers of Last Chaos, a free PC-based MMORPG, Project Torque is a “free to play” online racer in the spirit of Midnight Club or Need for Speed: Underground, possibly with some aspects of Test Drive: Unlimited.

Project Torque

The game will let you customize both the look and the performance of a number of unlicensed vehicles, then go online and play against friends. We don’t know exactly how much of this game will be free, but what we do know is that there’s a free open beta opening next month, and that current Last Chaos gamers are already being invited into a closed beta. You can see a few vids of the game in action at its official website, and while we can’t say that it looks like it stacks up too well against the console-based competition, that attractive price point might just help gain this one some interest…

Project Torque

Project Torque

Project Torque


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  1. Apparently the game in Japan is called ‘Level R’.

    Looks like there are 13 tracks that come with the game.

    All in all, can’t be bad – a free racing game. Just hope the physics are up to standard and the gfx are of decent quality and I’ll be in.

  2. can’t u guys wait till July for the beta? running off to Japan already…

    -Z- , Aeria Games

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