WipEout: Pulse and PS3 Info

WipEout Pulse

WipEout Pure was one of the first must-have titles on the PSP when the system launched with a whimper a few years back. With PSP sales finally rising on the heels of a price cut, another entry is due in just a few months time. Called WipEout: Pulse the game will feature 8 teams and 24 new tracks and will add the trendy photo mode pioneered in Gran Turismo 4. WorthPlaying has a host of screens of the game in action, and some details on what’ll be included in the game.

Meanwhile, Kikizo has sat down with series Director Tony Buckley to talk about WipEout: Pulse, skinning, and photo mode:

Kikizo: I think it will be popular because you must have seen that the Forza 2 skinning and photos thing has taken off in a massive way…

Buckley: I’m not gonna lie, even the original Forza, we sat back and said, wow, well done. And I think our player focus is the ship. That’s his character. And we thought wouldn’t it be ace if we could make the ship reflect the player. But it’s such a simple tool to use, a Paint tool with the ability to go pixel perfect, it’s going to be great.

He also mentions that further information regarding the yet unnamed WipEout entry for the PS3, inadvertently announced last year and confirmed back in February, will be coming in August.


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