DiRT on PC Reviewed


GameSpy has a review of the PC release of DiRT, finding many of the same complaints we’ve heard in other reviews, including some unsurprising new ones relating to system requirements and the like:

To get the full effect of all these spectacular crashes and gorgeous visuals you’ll need some serious horsepower. On its highest detail settings DiRT is able to slow down our test PC, which has an AMD FX-60 with 2GB of RAM and a GeForce 8800 GTX. Even with a beast of a system like this, we saw frame rates take a noticeable hit on the game’s highest settings, and it gets worse when more than three cars appear on the screen at a time, as the frame rate takes a significant nose-dive. It’s annoying to watch the Xbox 360 version run smoother when we know our PCs have so much more raw horsepower.


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