Driver: Parallel Lines Vid Shows Wii Controls

The PS2 and Xbox releases of Parallel Lines didn’t fare too well, and I found out the PSP release unfortunately didn’t do much better when I reviewed it for G4TV. But, that isn’t stopping Ubisoft from pimping out their newly purchased property, re-writing it for the Wii. Gametrailers has a few videos of the game, including the one included below showing off some of the Wii-specific controls for driving. The video doesn’t show too many, so here’s hoping you can do something else than pull up the Nunchuck to hit the handbrake.

It must be said, though, that graphically the game is looking good, much better than its previous releases, and if Ubi has addressed some of the shortcomings of the previous releases, this could be finally be a driver worth playing on Wii. The Wii release should be in stores now just about everywhere.


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