Sega Rally Revo Official Website, New Video

Sega Rally Revo

The time has come for Sega Rally Revo to launch its official website, and as promotional pre-release sites go, it’s a pretty good one. The site, at, offers a whole raft of screenshots (most of which you’ve probably already seen), a bit of a history lesson on the Sega Rally franchise, some downloadable wallpaper, and what is looking like it’ll be a collection of short videos highlighting the game’s technology. The first video is included below (courtesy of for your viewing pleasure … assuming you can handle having the game’s muddy ruts described again.

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A Gran Turismo Retrospective

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Games Radar has put together a bit of a retrospective of the Gran Turismo franchise, going back to the original and tracing its progression through to what we’ve thus-far seen of Gran Turismo 5.

Comparing GT5 with the original PSone instalment is ludicrous now. Visually, Gran Turismo 5 is leading us into territory resembling the holy grail of photorealistic graphics. In fact, we’re still not entirely convinced that the top left snapshot above isn’t actually a photograph.

So, in case it’s not clear, Polyphony Digital really put their nose to the grindstone where realism is concerned. They’ve achieved some incredible visual feats. Which is why, no doubt, it’s taking so long to get GT5 out the door. Each car now has more polygons than were in the whole PSone game – multiply that by the entire GT5 garage and you’ve a hell of a lot of work.

However, what’s missing here are the various false-starts and disappointments, namely the vaporware PSP release and the aborted attempt at multiplayer in GT4.

Wipeout Pulse Previewed by Eurogamer

WipEout Pulse

Eurogamer have had a chance to check out Sony’s latest Wipeout entry, Pulse for the PSP, due in September.

It’ll be almost two and a half years since WipEout Pure by the time the latest PSP incarnation of Sony’s Liverpool-borne future racer hovers into view. In an industry increasingly built on yearly sequels, that’s a dangerous gap. Thankfully, based on an excessive amount of time spent hammering around the solo mode, it looks like Pulse continues the series tradition of franchise refinement rather than total reboot.

There are a lot of changes – some minor, some fairly major – but none have been allowed to dilute the essence of the game. After a few wobbles on the PS2, the series is back in rude health and looking darn slinky. Obviously we’ll need to wait for WipEout HD for the real eye candy, but Pulse is no slouch. I’m actually a big fan of the way the game looks on the PSP screen, the way the relentless forwards rush pulls your eyes into the screen until it dominates your vision. It’s a neat optical illusion, and one that shows you don’t need a 42″ plasma to have your socks knocked off. Graphically speaking.

Mad Tracks Expanded Again

Mad Tracks

It seems the game just keeps getting more madder, its last expansion pack not even a month old yet. A new pack, called Mad Tracks Bravo has been released for the same 350 point price as the last one, adding seven more races and eight more mini-games, again similar to the last. Also, if you’re a total fanatic, there’s a 150 point theme you can get to clothe your Xbox 360’s Dashboard with the micro machines.

G25 Gets Shift Lights

G25 Shift Light

While the Logitech G25 is a beautiful and impressive wheel, it’s lacking a bit of … flare. Enter CXC Simulations and their new shift light system for the wheel. It’s basically a small slab of carbon that sits between the wheel and the hub and connects to your PC via USB cable. The lights, combined with drivers, enable a light-up tachometer to display and gear indicator similar to what you might see on a modern F1 car. The device is said to be “compatible with most of the top computer racing games,” but a full list isn’t yet available, so we’re not sure just which ones are supported.

It’s obviously targeted to serious simmers, as indicated by its $139.99 price. But, for those with the dough, it looks like a solid way to add a bit more immersion to your simming.

UPDATE: Got the official list of currently supported games. Right now it’s rFactor, Live For Speed, and NASCAR Racing 2003, and we’re sure there are plenty more of your favorite racers coming.

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Two NFS: ProStreet Videos

Need for Speed: ProStreet

Despite being only three months away, we really haven’t seen all that much of EA’s latest Need for Speed entry, ProStreet, in motion. Today, though, from two sources we have two different videos of the game in motion. Both show lots of, well, tire smoke primarily, but also lots of deformation of car bodies and high-speed racing.

Honestly the first video (below) is pretty reminiscent of NFS games of yore … minus the perfect looking exotics of course. The second video available here shows some rather more generic urban circuit-style racing. Could this be the first truly good NFS in a number of years? At the very least it looks like it’ll be better than our earlier assessment

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