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So, yeah, formerly the hottest time of the year for the gaming industry and yet the blog’s silent. What’s up? Well, to be honest, there really isn’t that much to report this year on the racing front. Yeah, there are some racers here, and yeah, some look decent — good even. But, really, there’s just not that much of excitement as far as drivers go. Hell, even the new MotoGP title from THQ, usually a high scorer and seller, was barely even mentioned in their press conference. They just called it the “’07 update … due in a couple months.”


So, I am keeping my eyes out for stuff and will have some posts once I’m able to get some quality time with games like Stuntman and Burnout, but sorry folks, anyone looking for news on anything resembling a realistic racer is going to be disappointed by this year’s show … myself included!


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