G25 Gets Shift Lights

G25 Shift Light

While the Logitech G25 is a beautiful and impressive wheel, it’s lacking a bit of … flare. Enter CXC Simulations and their new shift light system for the wheel. It’s basically a small slab of carbon that sits between the wheel and the hub and connects to your PC via USB cable. The lights, combined with drivers, enable a light-up tachometer to display and gear indicator similar to what you might see on a modern F1 car. The device is said to be “compatible with most of the top computer racing games,” but a full list isn’t yet available, so we’re not sure just which ones are supported.

It’s obviously targeted to serious simmers, as indicated by its $139.99 price. But, for those with the dough, it looks like a solid way to add a bit more immersion to your simming.

UPDATE: Got the official list of currently supported games. Right now it’s rFactor, Live For Speed, and NASCAR Racing 2003, and we’re sure there are plenty more of your favorite racers coming.

G25 Shift Light

G25 Shift Light


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