Wipeout Pulse Previewed by Eurogamer

WipEout Pulse

Eurogamer have had a chance to check out Sony’s latest Wipeout entry, Pulse for the PSP, due in September.

It’ll be almost two and a half years since WipEout Pure by the time the latest PSP incarnation of Sony’s Liverpool-borne future racer hovers into view. In an industry increasingly built on yearly sequels, that’s a dangerous gap. Thankfully, based on an excessive amount of time spent hammering around the solo mode, it looks like Pulse continues the series tradition of franchise refinement rather than total reboot.

There are a lot of changes – some minor, some fairly major – but none have been allowed to dilute the essence of the game. After a few wobbles on the PS2, the series is back in rude health and looking darn slinky. Obviously we’ll need to wait for WipEout HD for the real eye candy, but Pulse is no slouch. I’m actually a big fan of the way the game looks on the PSP screen, the way the relentless forwards rush pulls your eyes into the screen until it dominates your vision. It’s a neat optical illusion, and one that shows you don’t need a 42″ plasma to have your socks knocked off. Graphically speaking.


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