New PGR4 Preview

Project Gotham Racing 4

Project Gotham Racing 4 surprisingly didn’t get much coverage from E3 two weeks ago, despite PGR 3 being one of the hottest selling games at the Xbox 360 launch, but the previews are starting to trickle in now, including a new one from that touches on the motorcycle inclusion of the new game:

PGR4 features approximately 95 cars and 25 motorcycles. However, when playing the single-player game, if you don’t want to play one type of vehicle, you don’t have to. Every track is designed to give benefits to both types of vehicles at different points — such as tight turns for the more agile motorcycles and long stretches for the faster cars. Both types of vehicles can race in the same race, but don’t worry, bikers, it’ll take a lot of work to knock you off your bike.

And Harley riders (such as myself) take heart — I did see at least one or two Harleys listed while the developer was scrolling through vehicles. I do wonder if they have the same emotes as the riders on the squid bikes. Wheelies and endos will get you kudos in the game, and I noticed one pretty cool effect: When switching between viewpoints for your car, the “in-helmet” viewpoint has the sounds muffled just like when wearing a full face helmet.

Death Track: Resurrection Previewed

Death Track

After bringing the first screens of the game last month we’d hoped to get a chance to check out Death Track: Resurrection at E3. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to catch up with 1C at E3, but it seems the Multiplayer Online Games Directory did, and have posted up a lengthy preview of the carnage-laden racer:

1C Company stressed that in some automotive destruction games such as this, players were often able to make it through the game strictly on racing, failing to ever focus on the shooting aspect of the game. With Death Track, they wanted to make sure combat was always on the mind of players, so they’ve included several means to get you to want to blow everyone up. For starters, destroying someone will obviously slow them down, letting you get ahead while they load back up. The most important reason, however, to engage in the combat is that oftentimes you’ll miss and end up hitting the environment, which will help you create shortcuts and quick paths to put you in the lead and have you blasting to the finish line in record time. In one instance, we saw a building getting targeted, and after its destruction a new path was open to players; plus the debris in the road helped slow enemies up whenever they hit it. The weapons of the game were almost strictly rockets and bullets in regards to the cars we saw, but as evident by the skyscraper blowing up, they were more than able to get the job done.

New (Non-Sony) WRC Rally Game Coming

WRC Logo

Alas, Sony seems uninterested in doing much with their WRC license, handled by Evolution Studios who are probably too busy working on MotorStorm 2 to put much thought into a next-gen WRC game. Thank goodness, then, for developer I-play who are working on a new WRC game. Sadly, though, it’s destined only for mobile phones.

The press release for the upcoming game, which is copied below, doesn’t really tell us anything about the game itself except that there will be two versions: a 2-D one for simpler phones and a separate 3-D one for those with more advanced cellies. The 2-D version at least will likely have a lot in common with another 2-D racer from I-play, The Fast and the Furious: Fugitive, and actually could be a good bit of fun.

Sadly, though, the wait for another officially licensed rally game goes on …

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Ferrari Crashes During PGR4 Commercial, Loses Kudos

Project Gotham Racing 4

It seems drifting a Ferrari 430 in real life is a weeeeee bit harder than it is on the Xbox 360 in Project Gotham Racing. If you needed proof, check out the two videos below (courtesy of Joystiq) showing a driver attempting to send the 430 into a power-induced slide for a PGR4 commercial, over-correcting, then gently nosing the red beauty into the barrier. Damage was minimal … to the car at least. The driver’s pride was probably a bit more injured, assuming this whole thing wasn’t staged as a PR stunt.

We can see it now — “Can you afford to try this #$%^ in real life? We don’t think so. Buy our game.”

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Forza 2 Fix Detailed, Coming Today

Forza Motorsport 2

WorthPlaying has details on an upcoming update to Forza Motorsport 2, a game that has had a few ugly problems in need of addressing. The update will touch on a number of bugs in various ways, like a temporarily ban the Lotus Elan from scoreboards, thanks to a bug enabling it to be far faster than its performance index would indicate. Fixes for the auction house are promised, along with some other miscellany, like being able to rotate the view of the car in the Auction House.

The auto-update should be made available sometime today.

New MotoGP 07 Trailer


It was a somewhat disappointing USGP yesterday for many MotoGP fans, but that won’t stop us from sharing Capcom’s new trailer for their take on the two-wheeled series. MotoGP 07 (not to be confused with MotoGP 07) is the PS2- and PSP-bound replacement for the now expired Namco franchise. Capcom’s version is looking a good bit more polished. Click on to see, and listen, for yourself.

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Sega Rally Premier Class Cars Displayed

Sega Rally Revo

IGN has managed to get the Lead Car Artist for Sega Rally Revo, Keith Burden, to personally write up the pre-release tease posts for the game; where they gradually reveal more and more cars to (hopefully) get you more and more excited about the game’s release this September (or October, depending on where you’re reading this from). He starts at the top with what they’re calling the “Premier” class of cars, starting with, what else, the Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Evo:

The first class and possibly one of the most important is the Premier Class cars. These consist of some top flight Rally fare; the Subaru Impreza WRX STi, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX, Ford Focus RS, Peugeot 206 WRC, Škoda Fabia, and Citroën Xsara Rallycross car.

The Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Evolution IX are iconic for any kind of Rally game, they are well known, cool, and possibly two of the most perfect high performance cars in the world (lots of bhp, big spoilers and enough room for the family – what more do you need?).

NASCAR 08 Soundtrack Announced


EA’s latest installment is right around the corner and they’re sparing no expense when it comes to the soundtrack. Well … okay, with only 12 tracks they’ve certainly spared a few expenses, but the full list provided by 1UP includes some decent tunes:

  • Airbourne – Stand Up for Rock ‘n Roll
  • Jason Aldean – Johnny Cash
  • Big & Rich – Loud
  • Big & Rich – Radio
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Need Some Air
  • Blackberry Smoke – Up in Smoke
  • Brooks & Dunn – Long Haul
  • Bucky Covington – Empty Handed
  • Crossin Dixon – Stomp
  • Halfway to Hazard – Country ’til the Day We Die
  • Palmerston – Addicted to This
  • Velvet Revolver – She Builds Quick Machines

Decent, of course, assuming you’re into the country music.