New Motorsports Channel to Feature Sim Racing, Not NASCAR


As seen over at Race Sim Central there’s a new motorsports channel coming to the airwaves and they purport to do two very interesting things. First, they pledge to be “devoted exclusively to motor racing other than NASCAR,” an obvious response to SPEED Channel’s gradual morphing into NASCAR TV in the US. Secondly, they say they’ll cover sim racing. A press release up at Torrent Motorsports has the following to say:

With large gains in the popularity of sim-racing, TRN is also seeking to provide the sim-racing community and motor racing fans in general with a venue to showcase this up and coming sport and Mr. Liberatore had this to say about the personal computer based variety of motor racing, “One of the most intriguing aspects of the racing world is the advent of sim racing. It is exciting, fun and growing and will continue have a developing impact on the racing landscape which can be nothing but good for racing”

If you’re a fan of SPEED and the name Liberatore rings a bell, it should. That’s Jim Liberatore, the man who was fired by Fox for resisting the increasingly NASCAR-centric slant of the station. It all sounds promising enough, but is there room for an exclusively niche motorsport channel in the US? We’ll find out when the channel launches this January. In the interim, check out the site’s official page.


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