G25 Shift Lights Now Available, Cheaper

G25 Shift Light

If you’re looking for a little more … flare for your Logitech G25 wheel you probably were drooling over the CXC Shift Lights we reported on earlier. You can stop drooling and start ordering now, and for a limited time they’re available for $20 off, bringing them down to a still rather exclusive $119 (or 89.99 Euros). The shift lights install behind the wheel on the G25 and display a rev counter plus current gear in many PC race sims. In the US you can place your order on the CXC site, while those of you in Europe should click on over to NetRacing Europe.


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  1. While I applaud the effort to expand the sim racing peripheral market, I’d much rather put that money towards a cheap, second-hand PDA and turn that into a full MoTeC dash replacement.

    Still kind of nice though.

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