Sim Racing Tonight Premiere

Sim Racing Tonight

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of clicking over to SPEED Channel on a Saturday afternoon the weekend of a NASCAR race (or test session) you’ve seen show after show of hot-headed pot-bellied former racers arguing ad nauseam about the finer points of circle-track racing. If you’ve ever wanted those guys to cover sim racing too I’m sorry to report that you’re still going to have to wait.

However, a few more mild-mannered blokes have taken it upon themselves to give the same sort of attention to the sim racing world, creating Sim Racing Tonight. They’ve just posted the first episode in three parts and have product reviews, highlights of leagues, and of course news and previews. The show has a ways to go before it can match the flash of its boob-tube real-life competition, but it’s certainly a great start, and they could be well poised for getting picked up by The Racing Network.

Click on to Watch the First Episode


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