GT5 Interview – Professional Physics and New AI

Gran Turismo 5

Any cynical fan of the Gran Turismo franchise is probably sick of hearing about “rebuilt” opponent AI in the game, because every single iteration of the game has promised just that, with none really delivering anything but the same ‘ol freight-train bumper-cars action. However, that’s exactly with series producer Kaz Yamauchi is promising for Gran Turismo 5 according to an interview with Kotaku. Kaz’s reasoning is that with 16 cars on track some updates were needed to prevent that bumper-car action … which apparently was acceptable with 8 cars on track.

Also mentioned is an in-game TV channel that may include footage of real racing, and a new “Professional” physics model meant to appease those looking for something a little more hardcore than the earlier releases … color us interested.


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  1. The PR retrofit regarding AI’s importance is of course nonsense, but the new videos do look promising in that regard. While they previously talked of “improving” the AI, this time around they call it having “rebuilt” the AI, which of course again could just be fancy semantics.

    But looking at the HD videos available, I think I’ll just get a PS3 and GT5:P to ogle at the cars. GT3 sold me on the PS2 back then, and the new GT will probably do the same with the PS3 for me.

    Additionally I’m quite interested in the new wheel they are supposedly developing. Perhaps a G25 version rebranded (and hopefully slightly improved) for GT5?

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