MotoGP’07 Reviewed by Eurogamer

MotoGP 07

Eurogamer has had their fun with MotoGP’07, the follow up to last year’s Xbox 360 debut for the franchise, and have posted up the final review. By the sounds the game is subtly improved over last year’s entry but not a major leap forward ultimately making it a somewhat passable experience.

The number one question in the mind of fans is “Have they addressed the visual flaws from last year?” and the answer is “Yes, they have. Thanks for asking. Help yourself to some peanuts”. The frame rate on corners in MotoGP 06 was cause for concern, bringing with it some ugly v-sync tearing, but that seems to be a thing of the past. There’s still the occasional stumble, but nothing to compare with what came before. The bike handling, meanwhile, is much as it ever was, and newcomers will still need to practice on the numerous track challenges before they can start clocking up clean laps. The addition of visual cues, such as juddering wheels, are actually of more benefit to those familiar with the series and its control. To a novice, it’s just a wobbly wheel. To someone more steeped in MotoGP lore, it’s an obvious indicator that your speed and trajectory need tweaking.


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