Sega Rally PSP Previewed

Sega Rally Revo

Sega Rally isn’t just coming to the next gen consoles; it’s also getting a birth on Sony’s PSP, where its simple gameplay and addictive challenge should shine. Eurogamer got a hands-on with the portable port and of course shared their impressions:

Indeed, in SEGA Rally, your main contest is with the road surface. There are three types of surface in the game, and three types of tyre, with one best-suited for each type of tyre. Once you’ve picked your wheels, each race is all about judging how to control your slide on the different surface types so as to take the quickest racing line. It’s all about knowing when to ease off the gas in order to control your slide, and knowing when to nudge the wheel to correct your direction. Slide too far and you’ll lose speed. Don’t slide at all and you’ll bounce round the walls of the track. Get it just right and you’ll segue satisfyingly from bend to bend.

And, as mentioned above, they’ve totally nailed the handling. Whether you’re hitting the brow of a hill and sailing through the air before switching into a perfect powerslide, or careening round a long easy right after cruising past your closest competitor on the inside, the feeling is one of utter exhilaration. You won’t have had this much fun in a driving game since any of the OutRun 2 games.


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