Stuntman Ignition Reviewed by GameSpot

Stuntman Ignition

Alas, those hoping for a repetition-free experience in this rebirth of Stuntman may be a bit disappointed to read this review from GameSpot. It highlights the improvements made since the last time we tried our hand at being a movie wheelman, but makes it abundantly clear you’ll still need a lot of patience to get the most out of this one:

The original Stuntman was a polarizing game when it crash-landed on the PlayStation 2 more than five years ago. The notion of playing the part of a Hollywood stunt driver seemed universally appealing, but the game’s exceedingly low threshold for missteps meant you had to play through lengthy stunt sequences repeatedly before you got them right and could advance to the next sequence. The game’s winking take on Hollywood blockbusters and the satisfaction of really nailing a stunt sequence made it all worthwhile for some folks, but others found it supremely frustrating. Paradigm has taken over development duties on the new sequel, and Stuntman: Ignition is definitely a more dynamic, more approachable game than its predecessor. It’s still Stuntman, though, and you’ll still need a certain tolerance for trial and error.


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