PGR4 Reviewed by Everyone

Project Gotham Racing 4

The game has shipped in the Americas, and while readers elsewhere will need to wait another week and some change to get their hands on it, they can at least take advantage of the wait to read a plethora of reviews posted on the eve of the game’s launch. Eurogamer scored the game 9/10, stating it features “delightful evolution” over the last game. GameSpot’s slightly more pessimistic 8.5/10 review says it “continues the series’ tradition of brilliant visuals and fun gameplay,” and 1UP gave the same score, with reviewer John Davidson saying that at first the game “bored me senseless” before deciding: “With time though, it won me over.”

Overall it’s sounding like a solid if not groundbreaking follow-up to Project Gotham Racing 3, and as Dazmaniac commented in response to our earlier story about Bizarre being bought, this will be the last iteration of the series produced by the storied company that has driven the franchise since the Metropolis Street Racer days. I can’t wait to find out what racer they come up with next.


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