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As you can probably tell by the lack of updates, Digital Displacement is in a bit of a holding pattern. I’m greatly appreciative of those who have volunteered content over the years (yes, years), but alas most of the updating here has been provided by yours truly, and yours truly simply hasn’t been able to keep this site updated of late due to a number of conflicts. Sadly, those conflicts aren’t going to change for some period of time.

So, this is just a little note to say that the site isn’t dead per se, but it’s going to be awfully slow for a little while. If anyone wishes to take over, please post here and I’ll be in touch, as I’d love to see the site continue. Regardless it will continue, but not for a little while at least.

Thanks to my readers, and I hope you have a great off-season waiting for the weather to warm up and the sticky tires to come out again!


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  1. Tim, the site has been a great source for my virtual racing info needs. Hope to play you again on XBL some time. ;D

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