Burnout Revenge Goes Platinum in US, PGR3 in EU

Burnout Revenge on Xbox 360

Microsoft has announced their next batch of Platinum Hits titles in the US for the Xbox 360, games that will now go for a very fair price of $29.99. Included in the list is Spike TV’s choice for best driving game, 2006, Burnout Revenge, a game that certainly will deliver $30 worth of fun and crashes.

Here’s the full list:

  • “Battlefield 2: Modern Combat™” (Electronic Arts)
  • “Burnout™ Revenge” (Electronic Arts)
  • “Call of Duty 2” (Activision)
  • “Dead or Alive 4” (TECMO Inc.)
  • “Fight Night Round 3” (Electronic Arts)
  • “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter” (Ubisoft)
  • “Top Spin 2” (2K Sports)
  • “Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis” (Rockstar Games)

Meanwhile in Europe Project Gotham Racing 3 is added to the list of 29.99 euro titles:

  • “Call of Duty 2” (Activision)
  • “Dead or Alive 4” (TECMO)
  • “Project Gotham Racing 3” (Microsoft Game Studios)
  • “Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis” (Rockstar Games)
  • “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter” (Ubisoft)
  • “Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend” (Eidos Interactive Ltd.)

Likewise, it will now appear at an undisclosed reduced price in the Asia Pacific region.

Race Against PGR3 Devs – For Free

You may think racing online in PGR3 is always free, but there is that annual service charge for Live, don’t forget. Anyhow, next week is Xbox Live Free Week in the UK, where anyone with a 360 and a broadband connection can get online gratis,and Bizarre Creations are celebrating by throwing a few of their overworked developers to the wolves to be ripped apart by gamers online. For details on how to be selected to race against them, head on over to Pro-G.

UK Gets PGR3 Bundle Too

Xbox 360 Bundle

Still no love for the US. I guess we’re buying it in droves as it is. Anyhow, a new bundle has been announced for the UK holiday season, one that’s very similar to the earlier Canadian bundle, but instead of the Xbox Live Points you get a second wireless controller, which I’d call a good swap, all for £299.99.

Full Details at Pro-G

Will such a deal ever come to American shoppers? Or, is the dollar so weak here we have to keep paying full price?

Canadian PGR3 Bundle Denied Green Card

Xbox 360 Bundle

Last week we reported about a Project Gotham Racing 3 bundle in Canada that included PGR3 and some Live points, all for the same price as a standalone Premium bundle. Conspiracy theorists opined that this was a precursor to the same bundle being offered in the US…not so says a Microsoft rep. “This is a Canadian-only bundle, so speculation about a US version will not be realized.”

Full Story at GameSpot

PGR3 360 Bundle Confirmed…Up North, Anyway

Xbox 360 Bundle

Evil Avatar brings a semi-confirmation to the news that many have been speculating for the past few weeks: an Premium Xbox 360 bundle with Project Gotham Racing 3 thrown in for good measure, not to mention three months of Live Gold and a measely 1250 points to spend on car downloads. All this for the bargain price of $499…in Canada. Seeing as how that’s the same price as the standalone Premium 360 goes for, we might just expect the same bundle to retail for $399 in the US, and whatever it is you pay for 360’s in your neck of the woods. However, that’s not guaranteed, as the $499 price point in Canada has long been perceived as too high, and this just may be an attempt to bring it more inline. Time will tell.

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PGR3 Photo Contest

PGR3 Prizes

Eurogamer brings news of yet another Project Gotham Racing 3-related contest, this one taking advantage of the new Photo Mode extension that finally allows you to get your pictures off of your Xbox 360. There are four categories, with the winner of each getting a faceplate, a T-shirt, and a print of their picture signed by the dev team. OK, so perhaps not the most exciting prizes, but it’s all about the competition right?

Contest Details at Bizarre Forums

Photo Mode Home

Xbox 360 Bundle with PGR3?

Gamespot has stated their official opinion on a very popular rumor at the moment, stating that we can all expect an Xbox 360 bundle this holiday season which will not offer a discounted price, but will instead include a bunch of goodies, including what is still perhaps the best title on the console, Project Gotham Racing 3.

Allegedly, the new bundle will come with an Xbox 360, Project Gotham Racing 3 ($50 value), 1250 Xbox Live Marketplace points (just over $15), and a three-month Xbox Live Gold subscription card ($20 value). The post doesn’t specify which Xbox the bundle will contain, but presumably it would be the 20GB hard-drive-equipped, $399 premium model.

Full Story at GameSpot

Like them, I think it’s a little early to start betting on news like this, but it does seem rather plausible…

More New Hotness for PGR3

The M3 CSL

If you’re already bored with the last Speed Pack for Project Gotham Racing 3 (which is just about three months old), MS has uploaded a new one for you to try on. This one has another 12 new cars as well as some new gameplay modes:

The new pack also features Photo Mode Integration, allowing players to upload their best moments online. The pack also includes exciting new mini-games such as “Free Roam Points,” “Team Free Roam Points,” and “Cat and Mouse.”

Read on for the full list of cars, and click on over to Eurogamer for some in-game pictures.

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Another UK PGR3 Tournament Announced

This tournament is Extreme

This one’s being put on by the Extreme Sports Channel and Joystick Junkies. It will take place at the, erm, Ripspeed Donny car show in Essex on August 13. Read on for more information covering everything except, interestingly, what you’ll actually win. (Presumably getting your ugly mug on TV looking like a dork while you play PGR3 is considered to be reward enough.)

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More Cars for PGR3

The RUF RK Spyder

Now that Live is up and operational again, you can get back to your racing…and soon you’ll be able to do some more downloading. Eurogamer brings news of an article on the UK Official Xbox Magazine detailing this follow up to the already released Speed Pack.

As with the Speed Pack, it’ll cost 400 Microsoft points (or that’s the current plan) and it’ll also be able to download the cars individually too for 60 points – with one, the RUF R.K. Spyder, available for free.

Along with the Spyder, the Style Pack includes the 365 GTB4 (“Daytona”), BMW M3 CSL, BMW M6, BMW MINI COOPER S, BMW Z8, Chrysler Firepower Concept, Ferrari 430 Challenge, Gumpert Apollo Coupe 4.2 V8, Mercedes CLK DTM AMG, Pagani Zonda F and Vanwall GPR V12.