New Race Driver One Image

Race Driver One

We’re not calling this a screenshot of the rebirth of the Race Driver series, Race Driver One, because it’s looking awfully … stylistic. There are only a few polygons on the wheel arch giving a suggestion that this might at one point have been rendered. Regardless, this new image from GameSpy does give an impression of the visual style of the game, which it must be said bears a striking resemblance to the gritty look ProStreet is trying to achieve, even sharing the stitched-on bumper look.

Blimey! and 10TACLE Launching Free BMW M3 Challenge

BMW M3 Challenge

If you’ve been wondering what Blimey!, some of the folks behind some of your favorite PC racing sims, have been up to lately, look no further than the press release issued this morning from 10TACLE STUDIOS, publisher of GTR, GTR2, and GT Legends. It seems they’ve scored a partnership with BMW and the new game is nothing other than BMW M3 Challenge, which will offer a digital rendition of BMW’s latest iteration of the classic M3 coupe. The game will launch in parallel with the upcoming International Motor Show in Frankfurt, and will be downloadable for free after the doors close there. No word yet on details beyond the game being free and offering 16 player online multi, but given how enjoyable all the various M3 Challenge mods have been over the years, this one should be right good fun.

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ProStreet Hits the Strip

Need for Speed: ProStreet

Voodoo Extreme has a set of (heavily retouched, we fear) pictures showing off the drag mode in the upcoming Need for Speed: ProStreet release. The graphics look fantastic and the nose-up launch of that Hemi ‘Cuda certainly looks authentic, and we’re hoping that the overall experience will be slightly more exciting than that seen in other drag games, which tend to be more like reflex tests than anything to do with driving …

Project Torque Hands On Preview

Project Torque

Not many people have heard of Invictus, the people behind this latest attempt at an MMO racer. This is a shame. Invictus’ previous efforts (most notably 1nsane and Cross Racing Championship 2005) have been extremely fun if somewhat unusual games. They stayed close to simulation levels of realism without compromising the fun factor, and had some downright crazy stuff thrown in to the mix as well.

But enough background, you’re here to read about Project Torque are you not? I’ve been playing the BETA for a good part of the week and so far I’m liking what I find.

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SimHQ Compares Caterhams

RACE - The Official WTCC Game

The Lotus 7 was hugely popular as an every man’s racer due to its phenomenal performance and (relatively) low price. The rights to the car are now owned by niche marque Caterham and though the look of the vehicles hasn’t changed much in decades, their performance has, with ever newer selections of motors being bolted in to drive acceleration figures lower and lower. As performance has increased so too has the price, making these pocket rockets natural choices for the sim racing world. As such they can be found in one form or another in three of the most popular racing sims of the day: Live For Speed, RACE, and rFactor. Jens “McGonigle” Lindblad over at SimHQ has seen fit to compare the renditions of the cars in the three games, drawing some inevitable differences between the sims but, impressively, finding far more similarities.

New Donington for rFactor

Donington for rFactor

One of our favorite and most challenging tracks in all of motorsport has been re-made for rFactor. Donington Park has played host to some of the most historic races in modern motorsports and deserves any amount of attention given to it. This is a new conversion of the track including higher quality textures than earlier ones and has been given the blessing of RSC. You can download it from the usual source for all things rFactor.