New NFS: ProStreet Trailer

Need for Speed: ProStreet

ProStreet is just shy of two months away for most of you, and we’re still learning some of the details of this game, including just how the career mode will progress. That’s helped a bit by this new trailer from GameTrailers showing some of the various organizations around the world hosting in-game events. It’s clear from the video that this racer could have perhaps the highest production values of any yet released. The question, of course, is whether the gameplay will live up.

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Sega Rally PSP Previewed

Sega Rally Revo

Sega Rally isn’t just coming to the next gen consoles; it’s also getting a birth on Sony’s PSP, where its simple gameplay and addictive challenge should shine. Eurogamer got a hands-on with the portable port and of course shared their impressions:

Indeed, in SEGA Rally, your main contest is with the road surface. There are three types of surface in the game, and three types of tyre, with one best-suited for each type of tyre. Once you’ve picked your wheels, each race is all about judging how to control your slide on the different surface types so as to take the quickest racing line. It’s all about knowing when to ease off the gas in order to control your slide, and knowing when to nudge the wheel to correct your direction. Slide too far and you’ll lose speed. Don’t slide at all and you’ll bounce round the walls of the track. Get it just right and you’ll segue satisfyingly from bend to bend.

And, as mentioned above, they’ve totally nailed the handling. Whether you’re hitting the brow of a hill and sailing through the air before switching into a perfect powerslide, or careening round a long easy right after cruising past your closest competitor on the inside, the feeling is one of utter exhilaration. You won’t have had this much fun in a driving game since any of the OutRun 2 games.

ProStreet Hits the Strip

Need for Speed: ProStreet

Voodoo Extreme has a set of (heavily retouched, we fear) pictures showing off the drag mode in the upcoming Need for Speed: ProStreet release. The graphics look fantastic and the nose-up launch of that Hemi ‘Cuda certainly looks authentic, and we’re hoping that the overall experience will be slightly more exciting than that seen in other drag games, which tend to be more like reflex tests than anything to do with driving …

GT4 Mobile Not Vaporware?

GT4 Crash

It was definitely a system seller for the PSP, GT4 Mobile, but it was one of the strangest system sellers yet given that, nearly three years after the system’s release, the game still doesn’t exist. Last year, in fact, the game was rated as #7 on the list of top vaporware of 2006, and since then there hasn’t been any indication that things will get better. But, that’s all changing with indication that the game may actually beat Gran Turismo 5 Prologue to stores. That seems somewhat unlikely to us, but we’ll surely be tracking this one closely.

UPDATE: It seems our immediate source got the translation wrong from the original German. GT4 Mobile will not drop until after GT5 hits stores, making it sound a lot more like vaporware again …

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EA Taking Older Racers Offline

Burnout Dominator on PS2

Eurogamer has news of a list of games from EA’s extensive stable that are about to be lead out to pasture. These are games that, thanks to their age (all of three years old in some cases!), are having their online support disabled. Among the list are a number of racers, with NASCAR 06 Total Team Control for the PS2 and Xbox being killed off on September 1, then the following games getting dropped in November:

  • Burnout Revenge for Xbox and PS2
  • Need for Speed Underground for PS2
  • Need for Speed Underground 2 for PC and PS2
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted for PSP and Xbox

Some of these seem to be dying off a bit … prematurely, but I suppose that’s just incentive to upgrade to the newer releases.

A Gran Turismo Retrospective

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Games Radar has put together a bit of a retrospective of the Gran Turismo franchise, going back to the original and tracing its progression through to what we’ve thus-far seen of Gran Turismo 5.

Comparing GT5 with the original PSone instalment is ludicrous now. Visually, Gran Turismo 5 is leading us into territory resembling the holy grail of photorealistic graphics. In fact, we’re still not entirely convinced that the top left snapshot above isn’t actually a photograph.

So, in case it’s not clear, Polyphony Digital really put their nose to the grindstone where realism is concerned. They’ve achieved some incredible visual feats. Which is why, no doubt, it’s taking so long to get GT5 out the door. Each car now has more polygons than were in the whole PSone game – multiply that by the entire GT5 garage and you’ve a hell of a lot of work.

However, what’s missing here are the various false-starts and disappointments, namely the vaporware PSP release and the aborted attempt at multiplayer in GT4.

Wipeout Pulse Previewed by Eurogamer

WipEout Pulse

Eurogamer have had a chance to check out Sony’s latest Wipeout entry, Pulse for the PSP, due in September.

It’ll be almost two and a half years since WipEout Pure by the time the latest PSP incarnation of Sony’s Liverpool-borne future racer hovers into view. In an industry increasingly built on yearly sequels, that’s a dangerous gap. Thankfully, based on an excessive amount of time spent hammering around the solo mode, it looks like Pulse continues the series tradition of franchise refinement rather than total reboot.

There are a lot of changes – some minor, some fairly major – but none have been allowed to dilute the essence of the game. After a few wobbles on the PS2, the series is back in rude health and looking darn slinky. Obviously we’ll need to wait for WipEout HD for the real eye candy, but Pulse is no slouch. I’m actually a big fan of the way the game looks on the PSP screen, the way the relentless forwards rush pulls your eyes into the screen until it dominates your vision. It’s a neat optical illusion, and one that shows you don’t need a 42″ plasma to have your socks knocked off. Graphically speaking.