NFS: ProStreet Demo On Live

Need for Speed: ProStreet

ProStreet is the latest installment of the Need for Speed series, and by all accounts it looks to be the most comprehensive one since the franchise started going Underground. This one still has a pseudo-sub-culture bent to it, but at least offers some serious motorsports action, and now you’ll get a chance to try it out for yourself. A demo of the game is now available for Xbox 360 gamers in the Live Marketplace. The demo apparently includes a taste of “grip” racing (called “racing” by you and me) as well as an event they call the Speed Challenge. So, fire up your download queues. Those 650-odd megs aren’t going to install themselves.

Mystery Track Coming Soon to Forza 2

Forza 2

The latest Turn 10 report from the Forza Motorsport 2 developer talks of an “upcoming DLC track” that is currently undergoing testing. They’re not saying which track it is (otherwise it wouldn’t be a mystery) but they did confirm that it will have four separate configurations. My guess would be Motegi, but we shall see.

The other thing they’re not revealing is how much this will cost, but unless some charitable company comes forward and foots the bill (plastering their logo all over the grandstands) expect to cough up at least a couple of bucks for this when it shows up on Live sometime next week.

Gran Turismo Producer Interviewed, Asked About Forza

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo producer and Ford GR owner Kaz Yamauchi has been subjected to a very lengthy interview at Kikizo in which they ask about, well, everything to do with the PS3, Gran Turismo 5, and even touch on the subject of the game’s most immediate competition, Forza Motorsport 2:

Kikizo: Could you give us your opinion on Forza MotorSport 2 for the Xbox 360, and in particular, the ability to reskin your car in very great detail – are you going to have this degree of superficial car customisation in GT5?

Yamauchi: Straight off the bat, I think that in terms of feature sets, Forza is ahead of us. They have more options, you can do basically anything. We take a different approach obviously – we try to concentrate on what are the core values for a racing game, and we try to elevate those standards up as high as we possibly can. I am having difficulty trying to explain the differences, but one way you can look at it is, you can buy a watch that is super multifunctional, but economical, or a watch that is reduced in functions, but premium – higher end.

He’s plainly referring to the graphics here and overall production values, something the GT series has obviously always had in spades. So, what’s more important, graphics or gameplay? The eternal debate continues.

PGR4 Demo Now Available

Project Gotham Racing 4

Microsoft has dropped news of a Project Gotham Racing 4 demo that is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo includes two tracks, one in Macu, and another that will make you forget about that last one: the Nurburgring. In the snow.

Yes please.

The demo also includes two bikes and two cars which you can use to explore those tracks, and a handful of challenges and the like to encourage you.

I’ve been playing the game since the weekend and hope to have some impressions for you shortly. In the interim enjoy the two screens of my drifting prowess, including the above taken at said snowy Green Monster in a 1950’s Maserati! Needless to say this ain’t no racing sim.

Project Gotham Racing 4

Microsoft Giving Away Forza 2

Forza 2

If you’re an Xbox 360-owning racing fan, chances are you’ve already gone out and picked up a copy of Forza 2, and chances are you’ve enjoyed it. However, if you’re a non-Xbox 360-owning racing fan, chances are you’ve been looking at the screenshots and ravings about the game with a good bit of curiosity and maybe even a little envy as console racers play a game in which you can go from power off to racing online against friends, lag free, inside of two minutes. That can’t be said of your average PC racing sim. If you’re part of that latter group, this deal is for you, then.

Microsoft has announced two new bundles, a $449.99 Xbox 360 Elite bundle and a $349.99 Xbox 360 Premium bundle. Both include free copies of Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. While we could take or leave the latter, the former of course makes this a very appealing offer for those wanting to get their console race on.

PGR4 Reviewed by Everyone

Project Gotham Racing 4

The game has shipped in the Americas, and while readers elsewhere will need to wait another week and some change to get their hands on it, they can at least take advantage of the wait to read a plethora of reviews posted on the eve of the game’s launch. Eurogamer scored the game 9/10, stating it features “delightful evolution” over the last game. GameSpot’s slightly more pessimistic 8.5/10 review says it “continues the series’ tradition of brilliant visuals and fun gameplay,” and 1UP gave the same score, with reviewer John Davidson saying that at first the game “bored me senseless” before deciding: “With time though, it won me over.”

Overall it’s sounding like a solid if not groundbreaking follow-up to Project Gotham Racing 3, and as Dazmaniac commented in response to our earlier story about Bizarre being bought, this will be the last iteration of the series produced by the storied company that has driven the franchise since the Metropolis Street Racer days. I can’t wait to find out what racer they come up with next.

New NFS: ProStreet Trailer

Need for Speed: ProStreet

ProStreet is just shy of two months away for most of you, and we’re still learning some of the details of this game, including just how the career mode will progress. That’s helped a bit by this new trailer from GameTrailers showing some of the various organizations around the world hosting in-game events. It’s clear from the video that this racer could have perhaps the highest production values of any yet released. The question, of course, is whether the gameplay will live up.

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New Race Driver One Image

Race Driver One

We’re not calling this a screenshot of the rebirth of the Race Driver series, Race Driver One, because it’s looking awfully … stylistic. There are only a few polygons on the wheel arch giving a suggestion that this might at one point have been rendered. Regardless, this new image from GameSpy does give an impression of the visual style of the game, which it must be said bears a striking resemblance to the gritty look ProStreet is trying to achieve, even sharing the stitched-on bumper look.

Burnout Paradise Q&A At 1UP

Burnout Paradise

The Burnout Paradise release is still 4+ months away, but we’re learning more and more about the title, first with a hands-on from Eurogamer, and now with an interview with Creative Director Alex Ward. About a year ago he was just revealing the open-ended nature of the game, and now he’s taking the time to explain a bit more about how that fits into the overall gameplay:

1UP: Can you explain how the player will progress through the game? How will you know you’re 100% done, earn faster cars, etc?

AW: Each player will progress in a different way. We give you the keys to Paradise City; what happens thereafter is up to you. You can drive anywhere and do anything — there is no set path through the game. There are some races to take part in, but again, if you don’t want to do any of that, you don’t [have to]. Win races to set cars free into the city. Then you have to find them, give chase and take them down.