Season’s Greetings

I’m blessed with far too many friends to possibly send a physical greeting card to you all, so I hope you’ll accept this virtual facsimile from my family to yours. This year I was overwhelmed with incredible support from around the world, and today I want to send some warm thoughts back to all of you. I’m wishing you a very Happy Holidays and an amazing New Year. I hope in 2014 you find as the kind of simple joy my two jingle dogs experience when dashing through the snow.

Proudly Announcing My New Home

In times of change, when routine parts of your life are removed, critical parts that helped to define your identity, it’s easy to get unsettled. When your all-consuming macro focus suddenly widens to reveal infinite paths of opportunity ahead, it’s easy to get disoriented. These times are valuable times, and in these times it’s important to not ponder what’s behind, but rather what’s right here — the skills, the knowledge, the values, the friendships, and the passions that have driven you to your current heights. It’s these things that will keep you on sure-footing as you climb toward opportunities ahead.

Over the past few weeks I’ve done a lot of thinking along these lines, not only re-evaluating the skills and opportunities that earned me the incredible privilege of your audience, but pondering how it is that I can and should best apply those going forward. (I’ve also, I confess, spent a bit of time playing the videogames I’ve missed over the past few years. There’s been no shortage of tinkering in the garage, too, but we’ll save those details for another post.) I’ve been lucky enough to speak with, and listen to, a number of very talented individuals across a variety of industries — tech journalism, auto journalism, media relations, entrepreneurship, and product development to name a few — in a sort of quest to help identify which of those paths of opportunity will take me where I want to go.

And where do I want to go? A place where I have the freedom to investigate and dive deep into those topics that interest me most. A place where I can engage in compelling conversations with people creating amazing products and technologies. More importantly, a place where I can continue to have an open and transparent dialog with readers and followers. A place where I can continue to earn your trust and respect and work with those who have earned mine.

And so it’s with no shortage of pride, but I confess a little bit of nervousness, that I tell you I’m joining the CNET team. CNET is a place run and fueled by many talented people who I know and trust and respect, and I’m honored to now be able to count myself among them. I, too, had some concerns and doubts after the unfortunate happenings of CES 2013, but after lengthy conversations with numerous folks at many levels I’m confident that the dynamics that culminated in what went down in January have been altered. I’m confident that this is a place where I can freely say what should be said without fear of displeasing a corporate overlord. Without that confidence I wouldn’t have signed on.

I want you to be confident, too. As always, I believe that transparency and open dialog are the most important parts of building confidence. That’s part of what I’ll continue to bring to the table at CNET. While my primary role will be creating great feature content, a very important part of my job will be fostering open discussions with you the readers. I promise to neither rake muck nor bury my head in the sand, just to shoot straight and tell it like it is. Both sides of the story. As ever, if you have concerns or doubts, I want to hear them.

While the tech and auto news scenes are heavily saturated, there are still plenty of compelling untold stories just waiting behind the curtain. When the pace of the news cycle is this intense, few writers have the luxury or patience to dig deeper, to not only answer what a given thing is but why it is. What factors contributed to its design, to its performance, to its features, and to its cost? And then, after the reviews are posted and the industry moves along in its never-ending obsession over what’s coming next, how does what’s here now actually fit into your life? Each new product and technological advancement has a story. I’ll be working to comprehensively, and respectfully, tell those stories

I’ll be focusing on the worlds of both consumer technology and transportation, gadgets and cars, those two areas I’m personally most passionate about. I’ll also be contributing to show coverage and, yes, doing some liveblogs at big events, too. You’ll be seeing a fair bit of me soon enough, and I can’t wait to get started. It’s an incredible opportunity, and for that I am very thankful.


Green Flag!

green flag

And we’re back! It’s been nearly six years since I put this, my own site, on pause. At the time I was too busy managing dual careers to keep this fresh. Then, once I switched over to Engadget in 2008… well, suddenly I seemed to have no free time at all. If you weren’t familiar with Digital Displacement back in the day, don’t worry. What was then focused almost exclusively on racing games will now be my personal portal for all things I deem worth writing about. Hopefully you’ll find them worth reading about, too.

As to what sort of things you can expect, tech will always be a big focus for me, but there’ll be plenty of diversions into the automotive space along the way — and please don’t hold it against me if I go on a bit about my new-found love for road biking on occasion. Is there something you want me to cover? Drop me a line and I’ll have a look.

As to what I’ve been up to since, well, you know, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and speaking with a lot of amazing people in a lot of divergent fields. Great conversations, all. What exactly the future holds for me still remains to be seen, but there’s plenty to be excited about.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back with something longer for you to enjoy soon.

Where You can Find Me

In case someone comes stumbling across here looking for the latest on racing sims and news, unfortunately this blog is going to stay dormant for awhile. But, if there are any readers out there who are still subscribed, I wanted to at least let you know what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been keeping busy blogging elsewhere on more general-purpose topics. I’m happy to say you can find me over at Engadget posting about gadgety things, and doing much the same at Switched as well.

On top of that (and my job) I’ve been writing a book on Facebook application development, which is dragging on (much to my publisher’s chagrin), but the end is in sight. You can learn more about it on its Facebook page.

Thanks all, and hope to see you online or at the track!

Yellow Flag

Safety Car

As you can probably tell by the lack of updates, Digital Displacement is in a bit of a holding pattern. I’m greatly appreciative of those who have volunteered content over the years (yes, years), but alas most of the updating here has been provided by yours truly, and yours truly simply hasn’t been able to keep this site updated of late due to a number of conflicts. Sadly, those conflicts aren’t going to change for some period of time.

So, this is just a little note to say that the site isn’t dead per se, but it’s going to be awfully slow for a little while. If anyone wishes to take over, please post here and I’ll be in touch, as I’d love to see the site continue. Regardless it will continue, but not for a little while at least.

Thanks to my readers, and I hope you have a great off-season waiting for the weather to warm up and the sticky tires to come out again!

Chase H.Q. Goes Mobile

Chase H.Q.

Many of you (I’m sorry to have to say it) older gamers may remember a certain arcade hit called Chase H.Q.. It was a simple game, asking you to jump into a black Porsche 928 and ram crooks off of the road. It was totally unrealistic (everybody knows 80’s cops drove Ferraris, not Porsches) but tons of fun and ate lots of this journo’s quarters as a kid. Now, nearly 20 years on, the precursor to games like Burnout and FlatOut is being reborn as a mobile phone title called Chase H.Q. 3D.

This time the cop drives an equally unlikely Lotus Elise and uses it to, again, ram the baddies off the road. As much as we like the look of the Elise, somehow a lightweight racer doesn’t seem like the right ride for the job at hand. That criticism aside, the game should be a blast for playing on the go, and is available now from the Sprint Nextel Digital Lounge for $2.99 if you only want to play for a month, or $6.99 for unlimited plays.

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GT4 in BMW Commercial

I’ve just seen the above BMW commercial, which compiles some interesting and varying sources to make what is overall a very good spot for their cars. You may notice a certain video game featured prominently there in the middle.


Tim’s Rally Monster

After a rather extended hiatus the site is back. I wish I could say it was all for a good cause, but alas, most of it has been just a lack of time, some of it boring stuff, other rather more exciting, like a lot of time and effort spent prepping the above rather aged and high-mileage Subaru for its first rallycross. I wish I could say it came through with flying colors, but when a rock pushed the skidplate up and cracked the oil pan, its first day of competition was cut rather short.

Anyhow, I’ll get back to the gaming posts now, but given the time of year and a certain rather important game officially hitting stores today, there isn’t an awful lot of racing game news at the moment …

Sim Racing Tonight Premiere

Sim Racing Tonight

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of clicking over to SPEED Channel on a Saturday afternoon the weekend of a NASCAR race (or test session) you’ve seen show after show of hot-headed pot-bellied former racers arguing ad nauseam about the finer points of circle-track racing. If you’ve ever wanted those guys to cover sim racing too I’m sorry to report that you’re still going to have to wait.

However, a few more mild-mannered blokes have taken it upon themselves to give the same sort of attention to the sim racing world, creating Sim Racing Tonight. They’ve just posted the first episode in three parts and have product reviews, highlights of leagues, and of course news and previews. The show has a ways to go before it can match the flash of its boob-tube real-life competition, but it’s certainly a great start, and they could be well poised for getting picked up by The Racing Network.

Click on to Watch the First Episode

EA and Craftsman Launch NASCAR Tournament

Craftsman Challenge

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat the best in NASCAR 08? EA’s giving you a chance to prove it, and possibly win some cash in the process … assuming you live somewhere near one of the 11 US cities hosting the events. There will be a series of qualifying rounds held at Sears and Wal-Mart stores near tracks at places like Loudon and Dover. There will be multiple qualifying rounds in each city with the winners getting a chance to fly to Florida to compete for a $10,000 prize. You can get the full details at the Craftsman site.