2007 ALMS Lime Rock Park Pics

Lime Rock ALMS

As the first event in the American LeMans Series after the series namesake 24 hour event, the New England Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut is always a special weekend for series fans. This year’s event was attended by fewer top-level teams than in the past, the series suffering from a lack of competition in the LMP-1 and GT-1 classes, and some unfortunate incidents in the GT-2 class meant there was little competition there.

But, we were witness to a great LMP-2 battle, and a nostalgic talk given by Lime Rock legend Sam Posey before the event was nearly worth the price of admission alone. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Lime Rock ALMS
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Experience The Joys of Traffic Management


We just had to tell you about a new mobile game, RoundaboutX. It has such a seemingly unplayable concept we couldn’t help but share it. In the game you manage traffic flow through everyone’s favorite traffic avoidance device: the roundabout. This is how the game’s press release describes it:

7 a.m., everyone is heading to work. The player has to regulate the ingoing cars. Because of the high inbound traffic this task becomes not as easy as it seems. RoundaboutX demands coolness, patience and good reactions to avoid crashes.

Check out the animated gif above for a “preview” and head on over to the game’s official site for more info.

E3 Update

E3 Logo

So, yeah, formerly the hottest time of the year for the gaming industry and yet the blog’s silent. What’s up? Well, to be honest, there really isn’t that much to report this year on the racing front. Yeah, there are some racers here, and yeah, some look decent — good even. But, really, there’s just not that much of excitement as far as drivers go. Hell, even the new MotoGP title from THQ, usually a high scorer and seller, was barely even mentioned in their press conference. They just called it the “’07 update … due in a couple months.”


So, I am keeping my eyes out for stuff and will have some posts once I’m able to get some quality time with games like Stuntman and Burnout, but sorry folks, anyone looking for news on anything resembling a realistic racer is going to be disappointed by this year’s show … myself included!

A Lap of Lemans in a Renault

It’s been awhile since Renault had much going on at Lemans, so with the 24 hour event so fresh in so many minds, reader Yoan sent in this video of himself taking a lap around the historic circuit in a Renault Megane, courtesy of the rFactor Mod. Perhaps they’ll be the next French marque to make a return to the historic event?

Greg Biffle Gets his Wii On

Greg Biffle’s New Car

Yes, those NASCAR boys will advertise just about anything, whether or not it appeals to their pseudo-masculinity. Case and point: Greg Biffle’s new Nintendo Wii themed “car of tomorrow,” slated for debut at the August 12 race at Watkins Glen. At least Nintendo chose a road course…

A Look Ahead to E3 2007


This year’s E3 expo is going to be…different. Last year the site brought you plenty of coverage of lots of big happenings at E3. This year it’s been moved from the monstrous LA Convention Center and spread over half of Santa Monica, plus the attendance has been cut to about 10% of what it was previously. But, Digital Displacement will be there again to bring you coverage of…well…whatever there is to see.

IGN has compiled a big list of E3 games as they do most years, and while this year that list is shorter than previous years, there are still some highlights worth checking out:

  • Capcom
  • MotoGP ’07
  • Codemasters
  • DiRT
  • Race Driver: Create & Race
  • Electronic Arts
  • NFS: ProStreet
  • Warner Bros
  • FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

Fortunately or unfortunately, many of these games (like DiRT and FlatOut) will actually hit store shelves before the show even begins…so perhaps we won’t be hitting the 30-something posts we got out of the show last year. Time will tell.

New AutoSimSport Issue Available


The latest issue of AutoSimSport has been made available at the magazine’s official website, in PDF form as always. This month interviews with McLaren test driver Pedro De La Rosa and Toyota’s Jarno Trulli are certainly highlights when it comes to celeb status, but simmers will be interested in reading about ARCA Sim-Racing, the Turismo Carretera, and getting a bit of a preview on an upcoming console specific issue.

Spy Hunter Film On Track Again

Spy Hunter

Remember Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run? The movie tie-in game featuring “The Rock” that wound up going ahead and releasing despite the movie of the same name getting all but canned? Well, according to Variety Magazine, the movie’s back on track, but no word on whether the lead actor is still going to be taking part. What we do know is that director Paul W.S. Anderson of Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat “fame” will be directing the film that’s interestingly now based on the game.