Codies Get New (Schizo) Logo

New Codemasters Logo

Yeah, okay, it’s a slow news day, but it seemed many of you might be interested in knowing that the familiar Codemasters logo (pictured below) that graced so many fun racers over the years has been replaced with the fancy new one above. It’ll appear in multiple colors, enabling it to “flex its creative muscles.” According to the accompanying press release the logo is “bold and enigmatic,” and is apparently mildly schizophrenic. “The identity can have different moods,” according to the release, “depending on whether it is working or playing.” Riiiiight…

Codemasters Old Logo

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Memorial Day

It was a busy (and wet) long weekend in the racing world, and it was a relaxing one for the staff of Digital Displacement, taking a few days off to celebrate Memorial Day here in the US. Now, let’s get back to the news.

Third Time the Charm for PS3 PGR Advertising?

PGR on PS3, Again

Courtesy of Kotaku and Xbox Team Portugal comes the above picture, which amazingly shows a picture of Project Gotham Racing used in association with a Sony product. It’s amazing because this is not the first time, nor the second, but the third that this has happened. Just last week Sony and Kia whipped up an ad featuring a picture of PGR3 to advertise a competition they were running. Before that it was an image of PGR3 showing up on Sony’s own PSP portal to advertise the newly release GT HD demo.

Now, this latest one can’t be blamed on Sony, as it comes from a PS3 article in a Dutch gaming magazine. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t shake our head in wonderment at this whole situation. The folks at Bizarre, developers of the game, must be loving all this free advertisement, especially as they start to warm up the hype machine for Project Gotham Racing 4.

Sony Advertising PGR Again

PGR on PS3

Remember the little advertising screw up from back in January, when Sony was using a screenshot from Project Gotham Racing 3 to promote GT HD? It seems they haven’t learned their lesson. Check out the above image from a Spanish site, found over at TeamXbox. The image is an advertisement for a promotion Sony is running with Kia, and it clearly shows a PS3 somehow running PGR 3 (the bottom-half of the image is a zoomed in view of what’s on the TV). Apparently one of their advertising departments got a little confused…again…

Bizarre Auctions Off a Junker


Usually when a company auctions off a vehicle for charity it’s something…exciting or interesting. When Bizarre Creations, the folks behind the lovely Project Gotham Racing series, have a stab at it, it seems they aim a little lower. They’re auctioning off a 1988 Ford Granada Ghia nicknamed “Granzilla.” It’s been covered in PGR decals, faux-flames, and various logos that give it a somewhat more menacing look than it might have had stock. It also comes with a bit of pedigree, having been a competitor in the 2006 Scumball 3000 roadrally, a junker rendition of the somewhat higher class but far more tasteless Gumball 3000 rally, which has apparently managed to kill an innocent bystander this year. (Amazingly this is the first.)

Anyhow, all public road rally criticisms aside, proceeds raised by the auctioning of the Granzilla will be donated to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, so whoever buys the car will at least get the knowledge they’ve wasted their money for a good cause.

Aaannd We’re Back

As at least one of you noticed, the site went a bit stagnant last week. Apologies but as of now this is largely a one-man-shop and, when that one man is unavailable, the shop gets a bit stale. But, we (I mean me) are back and will be trying to get caught up this am. Also, this is a lovely time to say we (I mean me) are always looking for those who can contribute to write up a news post or two in the morning. If you’re interested post a comment and I’ll get back to ya.

Cops and Robbers Xbox Ad Banned in UK

Evil Avatar brings news of a long-running UK television ad for the Xbox 360 getting banned because, according to the Advertising Standards Agency, it could be responsible for “glamorising street car racing.” The ad (included below in YouTube-vision) shows some guys getting into a car chase through busy city streets, getting caught, then swapping roles and starting all over again.

And you thought Americans were overly sensitive to what shows on the telly…

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Digital Displacement Turns One


One year ago today a new blog was born. Now, 1,215 posts later (oops…make that 1,216), the site has grown quite a bit to include features, reviews, and most importantly your comments. That entire first week in March of 2006 the site managed a whopping 127 page views; now 1,500 in a day isn’t uncommon. Many thanks for your continued views and comments, and of course your opinions are what help make this site continue to improve, so if there’s anything we could be doing better, please share.

And, on the note of growing, we continue to look for new contributors. If you keep up on gaming news and would like to make a few odd posts here and there, or have a desire to write up reviews of new racers, preview upcoming mods, or even share recaps of great online league championships, we’d love to hear from you.

Downloadable Forza Motorsport Showdown Clips

Forza Motorsport Showdown

If you’ve missed the first few episodes of SpeedTV’s Forza Motorsport Showdown, don’t worry, because they’re sure to rebroadcast them a million times over once the show concludes later this month, just like they do with all their programming. But, if you don’t get SpeedTV at all, you may want to fire up your Xbox 360 and head online to download six clips now available in the Xbox Marketplace according to Gaming Nexus. Each highlights one of the six custom cars that are the real stars of the show, including the LG Motorsports Z06 Vette, clearly the fastest car out there.