A technology to revolutionize the off-highway vehicle market

Many of the vehicles and machines we rely on today are based on technologies developed more than a century ago.

Conventional hydraulic pumps – the core technology in many off-road vehicles and industrial machines– is controlled by changing the stroke of the piston with an analogue ‘swash plate’ mechanism, first patented in 1893.

This mechanism has a number of disadvantages – it is not easily controlled and there are many system energy losses, for example through idling, leakage and friction.

Introducing a fundamental innovation in hydraulic technology: Digital Displacement® Pump

Pioneering Intelligence Digital Displacement Hydraulics

Our Digital Displacement® technology is a fundamental innovation. It utilises a radial piston machine which enables cylinders in real-time, using ultra-fast mechatronic valves controlled by an embedded computer.

These intelligent, digital controls mean a Digital Displacement machine is highly controllable and extremely efficient – individual cylinders are only called into action as and when required. The net result is:

  • dramatically lower energy losses (typically less than a third of swashplate machines);
  • dramatically faster response (typically ten times faster);
  • reduction of annoying, high-frequency noise.

By replacing a mechanical device with one which is controlled by computer, new possibilities of system control, diagnostics and automation are enabled.

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