GT4 in BMW Commercial

I’ve just seen the above BMW commercial, which compiles some interesting and varying sources to make what is overall a very good spot for their cars. You may notice a certain video game featured prominently there in the middle.

New Gran Turismo Screens Show Best Motoring

Best Motoring on GT5

We’ve heard talk of “Gran Turismo TV,” to be included with Gran Turismo 5, and the sort of content that would be featured. There was mention of various racing series, but nothing concrete. Now, thanks to these new screens at GameSpot, we can confirm that Best MOTORing episodes will be included … at least in Japan. For those not familiar with the show, it’s the most popular automotive program in Japan, often placing some of the hottest cars in the world on track against each other with professional drivers at the helm to see who comes out first. The above pic is of the newly uglified Subaru Impreza WRX (or S-GT in Japan) going through its paces on the show.

One wonders if the game will be able to pick up the rights to other shows like Top Gear or Fifth Gear in Europe. Sadly in the US we don’t have anything that compares, as the closest comparable thing we have is Motorweek …


Tim’s Rally Monster

After a rather extended hiatus the site is back. I wish I could say it was all for a good cause, but alas, most of it has been just a lack of time, some of it boring stuff, other rather more exciting, like a lot of time and effort spent prepping the above rather aged and high-mileage Subaru for its first rallycross. I wish I could say it came through with flying colors, but when a rock pushed the skidplate up and cracked the oil pan, its first day of competition was cut rather short.

Anyhow, I’ll get back to the gaming posts now, but given the time of year and a certain rather important game officially hitting stores today, there isn’t an awful lot of racing game news at the moment …

New NFS: ProStreet Trailer

Need for Speed: ProStreet

ProStreet is just shy of two months away for most of you, and we’re still learning some of the details of this game, including just how the career mode will progress. That’s helped a bit by this new trailer from GameTrailers showing some of the various organizations around the world hosting in-game events. It’s clear from the video that this racer could have perhaps the highest production values of any yet released. The question, of course, is whether the gameplay will live up.

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New Race Driver One Image

Race Driver One

We’re not calling this a screenshot of the rebirth of the Race Driver series, Race Driver One, because it’s looking awfully … stylistic. There are only a few polygons on the wheel arch giving a suggestion that this might at one point have been rendered. Regardless, this new image from GameSpy does give an impression of the visual style of the game, which it must be said bears a striking resemblance to the gritty look ProStreet is trying to achieve, even sharing the stitched-on bumper look.

Burnout Paradise Q&A At 1UP

Burnout Paradise

The Burnout Paradise release is still 4+ months away, but we’re learning more and more about the title, first with a hands-on from Eurogamer, and now with an interview with Creative Director Alex Ward. About a year ago he was just revealing the open-ended nature of the game, and now he’s taking the time to explain a bit more about how that fits into the overall gameplay:

1UP: Can you explain how the player will progress through the game? How will you know you’re 100% done, earn faster cars, etc?

AW: Each player will progress in a different way. We give you the keys to Paradise City; what happens thereafter is up to you. You can drive anywhere and do anything — there is no set path through the game. There are some races to take part in, but again, if you don’t want to do any of that, you don’t [have to]. Win races to set cars free into the city. Then you have to find them, give chase and take them down.

PGR4 Trailer Sparks Controversy

Project Gotham Racing 4

Nothing like a little controversy to spice things up on a workday morning. It seems a former coder from Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory made some harsh statements about a new trailer (shown below in shaky-cam version) stating “Those videos are simply not realtime, motion blur is done compositing several intra-frames together.” A developer from Bizarre has replied saying simply “It’s all in-game.”

To our critical but non-developer eyes it certainly looks in-game to us, but click on below and you can be the judge for yourself.

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